One Tablespoon of Jot Is Equal to a Cup of Coffee


If you could drink one tablespoon of something and get all the caffeine benefits of a full cup of coffee, would you? That’s the premise of Jot—a pure, concentrated coffee drink that only requires a single tablespoon to work.

For some people, coffee is an experience. They grind their own beans and steam their own milk—it’s a thing. For others, coffee is just a means to an end. They need it. No, really, they have to have it to function. These are the people who will love Jot.

Evidently, the new brand is 20 times more concentrated than at-home brewed coffee. The caffeine in just a single tablespoon is equal to the amount in a full cup of regular coffee, and each bottle contains 14 servings.

The drink offers both a way to craft fancy coffee drinks at home (think of it as an espresso machine in a bottle) and a quick way to get caffeine.

In a press release, Jot co-founder, Andrew Jordan, explained why Jot was created:

“There’s nothing like this on the market. We created Ultra Coffee to offer an exceptional coffee experience anywhere, at any time, and added instantly to any routine. This is the future of coffee.”

If you want to try Jot for yourself, it’s available now on the brand’s website for $24.

[Via Food & Wine]

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