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59 Ways to Cook an Egg, A Video Journey

A splash image showing examples from the video of a tea egg, grilled egg, waffle iron egg, and deep fried egg.
Bon Appétit/YouTube

If you know half of these egg preparation methods, we’ll be pretty impressed. If you know all of them, we’ll drink an amber moon for the other 58 ones you had down pat.

At Bon Appétit, they put together a 27-minute video detailed 59 different ways to prepare the humble egg. It’s a fascinating journey that starts with some raw eggs, includes some classic and fancy methods in the middle, and ends with well, raw eggs again.

You really have to stake the whole strange trip to appreciate how it starts and ends with raw eggs, but if you’re looking for a way to kill a half hour, it’s tough to go wrong with the soothing narration of editor-at-large Amiel Stanek guiding you through dozens of preparations.

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