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The Best Bounce Houses to Help Your Kids Burn Off Excess Energy

Girl playing in a colorful bounce house.

Looking for a fast and easy way to keep your children entertained for hours on end? Invest in a bounce house! They’re easy to inflate, are usually cheaper than a jungle gym, and will sufficiently exhaust your children.

Kids are going stir crazy due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Meanwhile, parents are pulling out their hair, desperately craving a break from their wild monsters. So, why not wear those beasts out with a fun inflatable bounce house?

With many options around $200, it’s an easy fix for the boredom blues. You can even have your kids earn the cash by doing extra chores, such as washing your car or cleaning windows. Then, inflate that thing and let them go at it. Your peace of mind is worth it.

Like many backyard-related products—such as swing sets, outdoor furniture, fire pits, and so on—there has been quite a run on these products as people turn their backyards into private parks. Be prepared for items to be out of stock or to have delayed shipping, so the sooner you order the better.

Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer

Two kids jumping in small bounce house.

Looking for an ultra-basic bounce house? This one’s for you.

With reinforced netting, plus high sidewalls, your youngsters will be well protected during their bouncing adventure.

Once inflated, this bounce house measures at 68.5’’ x 68.5’’—a perfect square suitable for bedrooms, back porches, or on flat surfaces outside. It’s recommended for ages 3-6, with a weight capacity of 120 pounds. Due to its small dimensions, it’s limited to two children.

You can easily throw a blanket over the top, turning it into a fort. Or toss in some sleeping bags, creating a fun sleepover experience for your kids.

It comes with a repair patch for any unexpected holes. The pump must be purchased separately, though.

This is a great way to get your preschooler jumping without depleting your bank account. However, it’s not the best investment for older kids or for big birthday bashes.

The Intex Playhouse is available at Amazon and Target for around $160.

My 1st Jump ’n Slide

Kids playing outside on colorful bounce house with slide.

This brightly colored bounce house is guaranteed to deliver hours of fun. The raised slide tower features a water spray head you hook up to your hose so your kiddos can cool off with a trip down the slide after all the bouncing. Fully inflated, it measures 10.5’ x 10’, offering enough space for several kids to play at once. It’s geared towards kids ages 3-8, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The material is high-quality and puncture-resistant, offering years of exuberant entertainment. With all ASTM safety standards met, you can rest assured your bouncing chimpanzees will be completely safe in this sturdy bounce house. A continuous air blower is included, making it a breeze to set up and pack down.

My 1st Jump ’n Slide is available at Walmart for around $250.

Autoflate Fort Sports Bounce House

Two kids jumping and sliding on a green, yellow, and blue bounce house.

Finally, a bounce house that self-inflates with a simple twist of a knob—no more searching for the blower! Your kids are bound to love bouncing, sliding, or playing basketball on this compact bounce house and you’re bound to love setting it up thanks to the integrated blower.

It’s recommended for ages 3-8, with a total weight limit of 300 pounds. The basketball hoop is a fun addition, with a play ball included.

Measuring at 6.12’ x 7.33’, it’s small enough to fit inside a garage or in your yard. But don’t worry, it’s still big enough for your wild hyenas to adequately run themselves ragged in circles.

The Autoflate Fort Sports Bounce House is available at Walmart for around $185.

Action Air Bounce House

Red, yellow, and blue bounce house castle with slide.

This is an all-around fantastic bounce house with mesh safety netting to keep your adventurous bears protected while jumping to their heart’s content. The spacious slide will hopefully avoid sibling quarrels over whose turn is next.

Measuring at 12’ x 9’, it’s able to accommodate up to 250 pounds at once. Some parents have admitted to joining the bounce party, and sure enough, this sturdy house held up under their weight!

This bouncer includes it all: air blower, repair patches, stakes, plus a nifty carrying bag so you can take it to birthday parties and family gatherings in the future. The best part? Set-up only takes three minutes. Wow.

The Action Air Bounce House is available from Amazon for around $270.

Blast Zone Superstar

Multiple children bouncing in a bounce house, seen beside a diagram of the large dimensions of the bounce house.

Ready to go big? This bounce house is a dream come true, transforming your backyard into your family’s own personal amusement park. Seriously, your kids will never want to leave home with this monster house. Brace yourself, it comes at a much higher price, but parents claim it’s worth every penny.

The set-up dimensions are 12’ x 15’, allowing it to accommodate up to 500 pounds. That’s about five ricochetting children. This makes it a perfect choice for large families or upcoming birthday parties, cousin get-togethers, or for those adults who want an excuse to get extra silly. (No judgment here—we totally want to jump on this, too.)

The Blast Zone Kit comes with everything you’ll need: the bounce house, a blower, stakes, instructions, plus a carrying bag. This monstrous house inflates in less than two minutes, packing away easily. You can’t really ask for anything more.

The Blast Zone Superstar is available from Amazon for just under $600.

If your house is being overrun by wild restless monsters, it’s time to redirect that energy into a bounce house. Turn on some music, sit back, and watch them wear themselves out. Looking for more ways to burn up your kiddo’s energy? Consider getting a swing set for your backyard. Trust us, these things are worth the initial investment, bringing your kids hours of joy for years to come.

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