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Nobody Loves Anything Like this Man Loves Neapolitan Pizza

Alex inserting a pizza into his modified oven.

You might love your spouse, your kids, or your dog… a lot. But not like this guy loves Neapolitan pizza and the pursuit to recreate it in his home.

In the video below Alex, The French Guy Cooking, walks us through his efforts to hack his home oven to reach temperatures high enough to properly bake a Neapolitan pizza in as close to a traditional way as one can with a home oven.

It’s warranty-voiding, it’s dangerous enough you should keep a fire extinguisher on hand, but if you love pizza the way this man loves pizza then it’s, apparently, absolutely worth it.


While we can’t recommend that you rush out and hack your oven to harness the insane heat of the self-cleaning cycle to bake pizzas, we can definitely recommend you check out the rest of Alex’s channel. His curiosity and passion for the topics he talks about are completely infectious and you really can’t go wrong binge-watching it all.

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