Unemployed? Headspace Is Offering Free Meditations to Help You Relax

A young woman meditating in a sunny meadow.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many meditation apps have been offering free, curated sessions. Now, Headspace subscriptions are free for those who are unemployed.

The company’s decision to offer free, year-long subscriptions is part of its Headspace Promise initiative. This public commitment is intended to help Americans maintain their mental health, particularly those who need it most, like the currently unemployed.

To take advantage of the new service, visit the program’s web page. You’ll be asked to provide some simple information about yourself and your former job. After you agree to the terms, you’ll have access to over 1,200 hours of content.

Rich Pierson, CEO and co-founder of Headspace, explained the company’s decision in a press release:

“While meditation and mindfulness can’t change our circumstances in life, it can help us change our perspective on those circumstances. And, now more than ever, that’s an incredibly powerful skill to learn. As a company dedicated to improving the health and happiness of the world, we take our responsibility to help support people’s mental health very seriously. It’s our promise today and for whatever tomorrow brings.”

[Via Well + Good]

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