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13 Gifts to Send Your Friend Who Just Had a Baby

A mother breastfeeding her baby in a sunny living room.

Having a new baby is full of challenges even at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. Here’s a big pile of thoughtful, helpful gifts to send to your friends and their new babies.

Being a new mom is isolating enough without adding social distancing to the mix. Your friend is exhausted, probably in pain, and learning how to live with a brand-new baby. And, on top of it all, she’s likely stressed about COVID-19.

A cute gift box won’t solve all her problems, but it will make her smile and remind her that she’s not alone. There’s a gift option below in practically every price range, whether you want to send something elaborate or small.

When She Needs a Break: Fox Blossom Relax and Restore Gift Box

The Relax and Restore Gift Box.
Fox Blossom Co.

It’s definitely nice to send a gift for a new baby, but people often forget about mom, and she’s just gone through a lot. Give her the gift of pampering and relaxation (with strict instructions for her partner to give her some time off) with this Relax and Restore Gift Box.

It includes the following items:

  • Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Bath Milk: For a spa-worthy bath or fizzy foot soak.
  • A wool and silk sleep mask: So she can catch some Z’s.
  • A refreshing body mist: For those days she doesn’t have time to shower.
  • A candle: It smells amazing!
  • A cute matchbox: So she can light her candle.

It all comes packaged in a beautiful box she can use to save photos or other small memories.

For the Sentimental Mom: Savor Vault Baby Keepsake Box

The Savor Vault Baby Keepsake Box.

This Savor Vault Baby Keepsake Box is the perfect gift for the sentimental new mama who wants to save every moment. It organizes and holds everything in acid-free paper to keep important documents and special objects safe and preserved. There are over 50 individually illustrated labels that will show parents what to save and exactly where to find it.

There are even little drawers and a pocket for items larger than papers, like baby’s first little hat or pacifier.

For Help Cooking: Spoonful of Comfort New Parent Care Package

The Spoonful of Comfort New Parent Care Package.
Spoonful of Comfort

Being a new parent is exhausting, so your friend probably barely has time to feed herself, let alone the whole family. A gift card for takeout or grocery delivery is a great gift for any new mom, but the Spoonful of Comfort New Parent Care Package is another excellent option.

It includes a jar of soup with four to six generous servings, half a dozen Bacci rolls and cookies, a soup ladle, and a personalized note card. You can pick which soup you want to send (there are several options, including chicken noodle or tomato basil).

Soup is ideal because it’s easy to heat up and requires minimal cleanup. Plus, she gets dessert!

For the Perfect Photo Op: Baby Boxy Mommy and Me Gift Box

The Baby Boxy Mommy and Me Gift Box.
Baby Boxy

New moms spend a lot of time in their bathrobes. It’s comfortable, easy to nurse in, and requires zero effort. So, why not send your friend a new robe, along with a cute matching outfit for her baby?

The Mommy and Me Gift Box includes a beautiful pink, bamboo robe, and a matching ruffled pink footie and bow for baby.

Obviously, this was made with baby girls in mind, but baby boys can wear pink, too! This thoughtful gift will also make the cutest photo of mom and baby.

When She Needs a Pick-Me-Up: White Confetti Baby Box

The White Confetti Baby Box.
White Confetti Box

Usually, gifts for new moms are just for the baby. Again, that’s why it’s always nice to get something that’s just for mom, and this Baby Box is the perfect example.

It’s full of stuff any new mom will appreciate:

  • Clear “Tired as a Mother” tumbler: Perfect, given all the water she’ll have to drink if she’s nursing.
  • Vanilla fortune cookie: It’s inside a cute gold favor box.
  • Mini baroque frame: For baby’s first photo.
  • Silk eye mask: Whenever she can work in some sleep, it proclaims that she’s a “Haute Mama.”
  • Milk bath soak.
  • Custom candle.

For the Mom Who Needs a Treat: Box Fox Virtual Happy Hour

The Box Fox Virtual Happy Hour Gift Box.
Box Fox

Let’s get real: every new mom needs a treat. This Virtual Happy Hour Gift Box is another one that focuses just on mom. Plus, it makes a virtual happy hour so easy—you can even send a bottle of wine or two along separately if you really want to do it right.

This box comes with everything else she’ll need:

  • A bar of decadent chocolate.
  • Sugarfina maple bourbon caramels.
  • Corkcicle stemless wine tumbler: To keep her drink safe and sound, even while she’s holding baby.
  • A stylish gold corkscrew.
  • A luxurious candle.
  • A beautiful deck of playing cards.

For the Anxious Mom: Breathe, Mama, Breathe

The first few months with a newborn can be difficult, even (or, especially) for a mom who already has kids. If you know your friend or family member is a bit on the “anxious” side, send her a copy of Breathe, Mama, Breathe by Shonda Moralis.

This award-winning book is full of easy-to-follow practices that will help even the busiest moms find “quick, daily opportunities to reset and refocus with mindfulness.”

Basically, it encourages new moms to do small things each day that make them feel more relaxed and balanced.

Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms

This mindfulness book is all about finding just a few moments each day to recharge.

For the Mom Who Needs Sleep: The Baby Shusher

Two Baby Shushers.
Baby Shusher

A few babies are great sleepers from day one; most are not. Think about it: they go from a cozy spot in mom’s uterus to a decidedly not-very-cozy spot on a hard mattress in a bassinet.

They were also used to all the sounds of mom’s body in utero. Without those, it might be hard for them to sleep. That’s why babies love that “shushing” sound people make . . . it’s just tiring to have to do it over and over, all night.

That’s where The Baby Shusher comes in! This ingenious invention does the shushing for you—literally. All it does is make that “Shh” noise repeatedly so you don’t have to. Think of it as a shushing white noise machine.

Babies love this thing, and if your friend doesn’t have one, she’ll love you forever for it!

For the Hungry Family: The New Parents Gourmet Gift Basket

 The New Parents Gourmet Gift Basket.
The Baby Gift People

Again, sending food is a great way to show your love and support. One way to make that more unique and fun is with this New Parents Gourmet Gift Basket. It’s stuffed full of treats new parents will love munching throughout the day while caring for their baby.

There are a bunch of items, including boxes of tea, salty snacks (like pretzels and hummus), sweet snacks (like cookies and chocolates), and even gourmet snacks for a DIY cheeseboard (like olives and biscuits). There’s definitely something for everyone.

For Everyone: Mom, Dad, and Baby Gift Box

New Mom, Dad, And Baby Gift Box
The Baby Gift People

The New Mom, Dad, and Baby Gift Box doesn’t leave anyone out! Every item is stylish, cute, and trendy, and will make everyone smile.

Baby gets a super-soft Waverly swaddle, an adorable bunny wooden teether, and the cutest pair of Moxford Marine shoes. Mom gets a “Mama needs some coffee” mug, which is likely very accurate. Dad gets a Made for Me board book all about the bond between a father and his new child.

For the Mom Who Loves Coffee: A Yeti Rambler

Here’s the thing about being a new mom: you desperately need coffee just to get through the day and night. The problem is you almost never have time to drink it! Between pumping or nursing, changing, playing with, or cuddling baby, trying to sleep, or just taking care of your own needs, coffee gets cold way too fast.

That’s why the Yeti Rambler mug is perfect. It holds 20 ounces of coffee and keeps it hot for hours. So, even if she forgets about it, mom can come back to it without having to stick it in the microwave.

The Rambler also has the signature Yeti MagSlider Lid, which easily slides open but is magnetically locked. It’s also dishwasher safe, which is amazing, as most hot mugs like this aren’t.

For the Chic Mom: Baskits Me Time + Amelia

The Me Time Basket.

You know that new mom who seems like she has it all together and is basically a style and lifestyles influencer on Instagram (or wants to be)? She’d probably love this luxurious, super-chic Me Time Basket. It’s not cheap, but it does come with a lot of stuff.

There are plenty of items here to make any new mom feel more comfortable and relaxed, including:

  • Lemon lily lavender tea with biodegradable tea filters
  • Face masks
  • A pumice stone
  • A wooden soap dish and salt scooper
  • Candy
  • Mini emery boards
  • A shower pouf
  • Bath soaks
  • A keepsake planter
  • A gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers

For the Mom with a Sense of Humor: Welcome to the Club

New moms absolutely need this book! It will clue them in on everything they need to be ready for over the next few months and years. Welcome to the Club was written by comedian Raquel D’Apice, so while the content might be hard to digest, the delivery is hilarious.

This is a different spin on a baby milestone book. It’s full of real milestones, like “first time baby rolls off the bed/sofa/changing table” and “first time baby says a word you didn’t want her to say.” It’s the best way to capture those memorable (but maybe not sweet) moments that are pretty much inevitable, so you can laugh about them later!

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