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3 Free Math Apps That Are Perfect for Younger Kids

An elementary school girl using her tablet to do math problems.

Do your kids complain when it’s time to focus on learning math skills? Try alleviating the pressure with these exciting, engaging, and completely free apps. They’re so fun, your kids won’t even know they’re learning!

Kids everywhere are bored out of their minds, thanks to COVID-19. Meanwhile, parents are worried about them falling behind in their academic studies. Well, here’s one solution: let your kids have screen time while simultaneously learning. Talk about a win-win for all!

Looking for more ways to inspire your child’s at-home learning experience? Check out these free online educational programs.

Khan Academy

A colorful drawing with a bird looking at 4 socks lined up in a dresser drawer.
Khan Academy Kids

Inspired by Head Start Early Learning guidelines and developed by learning experts at Stanford, Khan Academy Kids is an excellent choice for engaging your curious youngster. It’s geared towards ages 2 through 7, and automatically adapts to your child’s specific learning speed.

This app incorporates basic math skills into fun and visual activities, such as “Add 3 apples to the blender,” or “How many socks do you see in the drawer?” Plus, your child earns rewards along the way—making it super fun.

For older kids, make sure to check out the main Khan Academy site, which offers a range of topics for ages 2-18. There’s even an app available for both Android and iPhone, allowing your child to take his learning on the go.

Furthermore, your child’s individual learning progress syncs between his phone and the main site, keeping his learning continuous and seamless.

Monster Math

The tedious chore of mastering basic math skills is transformed into a wild adventure with these colorful and smart monsters leading the way. Fun!

Specifically designed for grades K-5, Monster Math will engage your child with exciting games focused on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.

The games are fully customizable to suit your child’s learning speed, allowing them to switch between basic and advanced skills. There’s something for everyone here.

Download Monster Math for free from Google Play or the App Store.

Moose Math

This whimsical app engages children ages 3-7 with fun activities that focus on counting, addition, subtraction, geometry, and more.

There are five multi-level activities, such as Moose Juice Store, Puck’s Pet Shop, and Lost & Found. Your kids will earn rewards along the way, which can be used to build a city or add decorations to buildings.

Moose App also follows Common Core State Standards, with an informative report card section for parents to observe their child’s progress.

It’s totally free at Google Play and the App Store.

Learning math shouldn’t be a chore. Establish a fun and easy-going approach to mastering math skills with these rewarding learning apps. Afterwards, your kids will hopefully attack their math problems with renewed gusto.

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