Here’s How to Get a Facebook Avatar

facebook avatar

If you’re on  Facebook a lot lately (and hey, who isn’t) you might have noticed your friends suddenly have cool avatars. If you haven’t created one for yourself yet, here’s how to join in on the fun.

Head of the Facebook App Fidji Simo explained in a post to her own user page that you need to be using the Facebook or Messenger app in order to access the Avatar feature. Open the comment composer in either, and you’ll see a smiley face button. Click it and then use the sticker tab. There should be an option available to “Create Your Avatar.”

facebook avatar

Once you’ve found your way to making the new version of yourself, Facebook will walk you through everything from skin tone, hair and eye color, body type, and the outfit you want to wear. Once completed, you can use your avatar in comments and messages throughout the app.

Have fun making yourself into a cartoon!

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