People Are Decorating Foccacia Bread & It’s So Pretty

foccacia art

Everyone is making sourdough. Everyone is making banana bread. Now, there’s a new baking trend: decorated Foccacia bread.

Whether a result of social distancing of not, baking has become a new past time for many people, and you can see that on social media. The most recent thing people are making is foccacia, but it’s not your average loaf. Instead, people are creating everything from garden scenes to cottages on the tops of their loaves of bread, and both before and after baking, they’re still beautiful.

Bakers have added a multitude of savory ingredients like red onions used to make flowers, asparagus as stems, bell peppers as petals, and even peppers to make a sun.

While these designs may look impressive, according to Instagram posts, it’s just a matter of arranging your toppings correctly and baking. The next time you’re looking for a new project, foccacia art may be an option.

[Via PopSugar]


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