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10 Inspiring Home Office Decor Ideas

A stylish home office with a large chalkboard wall.

Inspirational office decor has come a long way since the days of the cheesy motivational poster. Here are some chic, modern ways to make your home office a little more inspiring!

Working from home isn’t always easy, but if you have some inspiring decor in your workspace, it can remind you of the bigger picture behind small projects. Whether you’re working from home, or just spending more time there, try one of these goal-oriented decor ideas.


A wall-mounted chalkboard gives a room a trendy, rustic vibe. It’s especially nice if you don’t want your office to appear too “techy.” Some people also attach mail holders, shelves, and other extras to their chalkboards to help with organization.

If you want a really modern take, you can even paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. You can also apply it to something smaller, like a cabinet with sides you want to be able to write on.

Instead of just using your new chalkboard to jot down deadlines or appointments, write something you want to see when you start each workday. This might be a favorite quote or motivational phrase.

However, you don’t have to take inspiration too literally! For example, writing rejections on your chalkboard as if they’re celebrations might inspire you to keep putting yourself out there.

Letter Boards

If you’re active on social media at all, you’ve probably seen the black-and-white letter boards that have aesthetically taken over. People love them because you can easily display an inspiring phrase or personal news without worrying about your handwriting.

If you find the monochrome letter boards boring, though, they’re also available in plenty of bright colors.

Bulletin Boards

Does a bulletin board remind you of your high school bedroom or college dorm? That might not be such a bad thing! A bulletin board can inject a bland office with a sense of youthful idealism and creativity.

You can put nearly anything two-dimensional on a bulletin board, creating an ever-changing collage of whatever speaks to you at the moment. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier while working from home, you can pin up some healthy, yummy-looking recipes from magazines. If your family keeps you motivated, print and display your favorite family photos.

For a more grown-up take on the bulletin board, try hexagon cork board tiles or use pretty pushpins.

Aspirational Photos

A home workspace with personal photos on a decorative grid hanging above a desk.

While family photos are a classic office staple, you can also include some aspirational photos in the mix.

Do you have a photo with a friend or mentor who inspires you? How about a photo from a successful time in your life, like your graduation day or another significant celebration?

Your home office photos can remind you of happy times, past successes, and future goals. Then, whenever you’re stuck on a project, your eyes can wander to these images and remind you what you’re working toward.

Evidence of Your Wins

If you’ve ever earned a professional certificate, award, or diploma, your home office is a great place to display it.

Acknowledging past wins can help you stay motivated on those in the future. At first, you might feel silly displaying stuff like this in your home office. Think about it, though: they’ll look great in the background of your video calls with potential bosses or clients. And the rest of the time, they’ll be there to remind you of how far you’ve come.

You can display framed diplomas and certificates without making your space look like a law office. Group them on the wall with artwork or photographs, or nestle them on a shelf among plants, books, and pretty trinkets.

Art You Love

If you don’t want to display your own photos and certificates just yet, that’s okay. You can also give yourself some visual inspiration by hanging your favorite artwork.

Research suggests that looking at art might help us be more creative. That aside, looking at art is simply enjoyable. Plus, it can help give you some perspective while you work. For example, the individual brushstrokes in a painting might remind you that success is often the result of many small, repetitive tasks.

Images of Nature

An airy home office with live plants and framed plant clippings.

The benefits of looking at, or being near, nature are pretty well established. If you don’t have an office window that overlooks a park, or you have a black thumb, simply displaying images of nature might be enough to inspire you.

Research shows that looking at pictures of nature can actually improve your attention span, too!

Mood and Vision Boards

A mood board can help you set the trajectory of a project or concept. A vision board, though, can help you focus on your goals and desires.

Both make excellent, inspiring home-office decor! You can swap out your boards with the seasons, or whenever you feel like making a new one.

Your Favorite Colors

A few studies suggest certain colors might help people perform tasks better or more creatively. However, color psychology is still a debated subject. After all, how someone feels about different colors can be very personal.

So, in your office, the most inspiring colors are probably going to be those you like best. If you love all things pink, just a few blush office accessories can bring you a little joy, even during a long workday.

A Framed Quote

A good, old-fashioned framed quote puts the words that motivate you front and center in your office. While you can easily DIY this project, there are also countless cute, office-ready versions available on Etsy—many of which allow you to add a custom quote.

Inspiration and motivation are uniquely personal, so don’t feel like you have to opt for cliché phrases or images in your home office. Maybe snarky, irreverent quotes and silly family photos are what work for you.

The important thing is to display the personal touches that motivate you most in your home office, whatever those might be.

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