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When Is the Best Time to Water My Vegetable Garden?

Woman watering her landscaping with a garden hose.

Gardening is a fine art, but also a science—and when it comes to science, it’s best to follow the rules that have been laid out by professionals over the years. Watering your plants at the right time is one of those essential guidelines.

Whether you’re just starting or have dabbled with gardening in the past, it’s always helpful to get back to the basics. Here is the best time to water your plants.

Early Morning: Here’s Why

The absolute best time to water your vegetable garden is when you hear those birds chirping. That’s right, if you are an early riser (and we mean early), then as soon as that first sip of coffee jolts your soul awake, it’s time to water those plants.

Watering your flowers or veggies before the sun gleams hot is best for your plants as the temperature is still cool, and the water has time to really soak into the soil and encourage deep root growth. You want that H2O to reach the roots so that your plants plump up before intense heat strikes.

Rather than trying to save your wilted looking vegetables by watering them in the afternoon, set those beauties up for success first thing.

If You Aren’t a Morning Person

We get it, not all of us enjoy rising early, and if that’s the case for you, there is another option. The second-best time to water your garden is in the late afternoon, or early evening, if you really cannot get them in the early morning.

The early evening allows your plants plenty of time to soak up that water without the hot sun evaporating it first. Be sure to water before it gets too dark, as you want to make sure the plants have enough time to dry before nightfall. Damp leaves in the cold night often lead to fungus problems, causing harm to those fresh veggies.

Watering your vegetable garden (or flowers) in the middle of the day is the least efficient because the hot sun will quickly evaporate the water. So, if you want to earn that green thumb, be sure to rise early and get the work done.

Emilee Unterkoefler Emilee Unterkoefler
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