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12 Useful Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

Young daughter giving her dad a present on Father's Day.

Shopping for Father’s Day is tough. Either your dad has everything he needs, or he simply doesn’t like gifts. Well, with these 12 practical and affordable options, you’re bound to find something he approves of.

Sadly, you might not be able to spend this Father’s Day with your dad, due to many stay-at-home orders still in place. So, sending a sweet gift is the perfect way to say, “I’m thinking of you.” These gifts are all selected because they serve an actual function or purpose—making your dad’s life a little better.

For younger kids, we suggest pulling several options up on your laptop or phone, then letting your child point to the one he likes best.

Looking for a homemade touch? Check out these homemade gifts your kids can make this Father’s Day.


Your Dad wears socks. And eventually, those socks get holes or end up separated from their matching pair. So, therefore, socks are a perfect gift for any man in your life.

Not sure what size or style Dad likes? Dig through his dresser and see which ones look the most worn out. That’s one clue that they’re his favorite.

Or, go ahead and ask. There’s no point in getting the wrong style or size.

We’ve gone ahead and put together our three top selections below. They’re all well-loved, durable, and super comfy. Hopefully this will take away some of the shopping stress for you. (You’re welcome).

Coffee Mug

The reality is that most dads drink some form of hot beverage, whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Getting a simple dad mug is easy peasy, costing roughly $15.

If you can’t visit Dad because of the coronavirus, then this Father’s Day quarantine mug is a perfect option. Alternatively, add a personalized touch with a photo mug. You can plaster your face along with all your siblings and everyone’s offspring onto the mug. So sweet.

And if you have a white mug and oil-based permanent markers, you can make your own mug (or get your kids to make one). Not only will you have fun, but it’ll also be a sweet wholesome gift that’s sure to warm Dad’s heart.


Wallets are similar to socks—every guy needs one. And eventually, they wear out.

Go basic with this durable, leather wallet for $20. Or try this one for a minimalist look—it only costs $13.

Want more wallet shopping inspiration? Check out this roundup of great picks at Review Geek.

Make the gift extra special by tossing in some cash, a gift card to his favorite restaurant, or a few homemade coupons offering to do some chores or help with a DIY project.

Basic Toolset

We bet your dad or spouse has all the tools he probably needs. However, we want to suggest adding a small toolset to his collection.

Here’s the reason: let’s say all his tools are stored in the garage or a shed. But he notices a loose doorknob in the bedroom. Instead of running to get the oversized toolbox, he can pull out this complete toolkit, which he keeps stashed in his closet. Bam—problem fixed. Plus, at under $20 each, you can buy two for him, just in case.

Electric Toothbrush

If Dad doesn’t have an electric toothbrush, he should. His teeth will thank you. You can grab this classic Philips Sonicare model for around $40—but if you’re looking to upgrade the experience you can check out this roundup of electric toothbrushes here.

New Pillow

Man sleeping on a comfortable pillow in a stylishly decorated bedroom.
New Africa/Shutterstock

When was the last time Dad had a pillow upgrade? Are his pillows all flat, lumpy, or simply not comfortable? C’mon, he deserves better.

We suggest getting him the Beckham Luxury Gel-Filled pillow—currently, you get two pillows for $39.99. They claim to put all standard pillows to shame, offering tailored comfort for any sleeping position. Wow, sounds dreamy.

This memory foam pillow is $49.99 and sounds like it’s better than sleeping on a cloud. Divine.

Just make sure to buy a pillow that comes with free returns because, you know, Dad might be picky. There’s no point in having him pretend to love a pillow just because you gave it to him. So, include the gift receipt and teach him how to do guilt-free returns on Amazon where the gift-giver never knows.

Shaving Kit

Running out of shaving supplies is the worst. Even though Dad might be under lockdown, he still wants to maintain a clean face, especially if he has daily Zoom calls (or a picky wife).

At $29.99, this Gillette shaving kit is an excellent choice. It includes four Fusion Proshield blade refills, one razor handle, plus a 6-ounce bottle of premium shaving cream.

Or better yet, gift him a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club, ensuring he never runs out of shaving supplies again.

Car Washing Kit

Man washing his car at home with a wash kit.

If your dad is anything like ours, he loves a clean car—and he loves it cleaned right. To that end, the best car-washing gift you can get him is a kit that lets him take matters into his own hands.

We suggest getting a complete kit, with a multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner, tire cleaner, as well as a sponge. This Armor All premier car care kit is currently available for under $30 from Amazon.

If you want to check out different kits or pick up individual accessories to help get the job done, check out this roundup of all the gear you need to detail clean your car.

Sturdy Water Bottle

Worried that your father isn’t drinking enough water? Having a sturdy water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated, all day long.

Definitely get a durable one that can withstand a range of activities, such as hiking, hunting, biking, or working in the backyard.

We recommend the Hydrology Adventure water bottle, which comes with three different lids, all for $22. Looking to upgrade Dad’s hydration experience? Check out this roundup of water bottles that’ll keep water ice cold all day long.

Waterproof Speaker

Man hiking with a waterproof speaker attached to his backpack.

Father’s Day signifies the start of summer. This means it’s a perfect time for outdoor fun—camping, hiking, lounging in the pool, grilling up burgers, and drinking some cold beers.

If Dad is into music, then hook him up with an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. That way he can bust out the tunes wherever life takes him.

Go all out with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker for $49.95—we know, we know, that’s a nickel under our $50 threshold, but when it comes to speakers, especially waterproof ones, quality counts. No more worrying about the speaker accidentally falling into the pool or a rained-out hunting trip. Plus, it offers 10 hours of playtime. Fun times!

Wireless Charging Pad

Most everyone is getting on board with technology these days. Maybe your dad doesn’t have the latest iPhone, but chances are he has a phone, or maybe even a tablet.

It can be hard to remember to charge all the devices. Setting him up with a portable wireless changing pad is a game changer.

This charging pad is only $12 from Amazon. It states it’s 10% faster than other brands and works for a variety of phones. Awesome.

Leather Phone Case for Phone

First, double-check the phone Dad is currently using. And then make sure he’s open to receiving a new phone case. After that, you’re good to go.

There are tons of options to pick from and so many different phones, but here’s an example of a phone case that’s super sleek: the Dockem iPhone XR Virtuousa case, which is available for $20 on Amazon.

If your dad is less a sleek-case guy and more of a folio guy, you might want to look at versatile folio stands like this case for the Samsung Galaxy S10, which has a flip stand for watching videos or video chats. At $37 you’ll give him something super suave, without breaking your budget.

There’s no need to shell out the big bucks this Father’s Day. These gifts are all meaningful, practical, and affordable. That’s all Dad needs—something he’ll actually use.

Pair it with a homemade Father’s Day gift from the kids, and the day is complete.

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