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This Lemon Juicing Hack Is Surprisingly Effective

Lemons in a wooden bowl sitting on a rustic table.

Juicing a fruit is work, but it turns out, there’s an easier way to get the job done. A TikTok lemon juicing hack has gone viral, and it looks surprisingly effective.

While yes, there are tools you can purchase and keep in your kitchen to make the process of juicing your citrus of choice a bit more simple, not everyone owns them. When you need to juice a lemon for that pasta recipe or dessert, you’re probably not going stop what you’re doing and run back to the store. TikTok user Johanna Westbrook has your solution, and all you need is a skewer stick—or some other pointy object.

In her video, Westbrook inserts a kabob skewer into the bottom of a lemon. She pierces the fruit all the way through the meat of the fruit (stopping short of poking it out the other side) then removes the stick. Finally, she squeezes, and her shocked reaction is pretty apt given the efficacy of this hack. Lemon juice pours forth with none of those pesky seeds.

@johannawestbrookLegit didn’t think this would work ##lemonhack ##quickrecipes ##food ##foodhack♬ original sound – johannawestbrook

However, according to writer Katlyn Moncada of Better Homes & Gardens, you don’t even need the skewer. Moncada used her wine corkscrew to pierce a hole, then used a chopstick for the trick. It worked just the same.

Next time you need to juice a lemon, this TikTok hack might be the way to go.

[Via Better Homes & Gardens]

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