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You Can Drink Your Wine without Opening the Bottle with This Device

preserve wine

Wine drinkers know that once you open a bottle, you have to finish it fast. Sometimes that’s fine, but for when it’s not, this wine system can help.

This fancy-looking technology allows you to pour a glass of wine without uncorking your bottle, and thus, preventing oxidation from happening. Yes, really. The Coravin Systems wine dispenser uses a needle that’s inserted into a bottle’s cork (as long as it’s not rubber) to extract the wine. Once the needle has been inserted, you use a trigger to release the wine into a glass.

Yes, that does result in a hole in your cork and potential oxygen exposure, but Coravin solves that. The system uses argon, a non-toxic and non-reactive gas to sort of “pull the hole.” The gas fills the space between the missing wine and the top of the bottle, preventing oxygen from reaching it and cause oxidation.

The Coravin System is pretty pricy with the base model retailing for nearly $200, but for those who commonly find themselves with oxidized wine, it may be worth the investment.

[Via Travel + Leisure]

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