Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix This Week

The cast of "Queer Eye" posing as the figures in the "Washington Crossing the Delaware" painting.

This week marks the beginning of a new month, and, as usual, Netflix is filled to the brim with new content. From a feel-good Spielberg classic to the return of Queer Eye, here’s everything coming to Netflix this week:

  • June 1
    • Act of Valor: A group of Navy SEALs are on a manhunt in this military action film.
    • All Dogs Go to Heaven: This classic animated film is about a dog named Charlie who comes back to life.
    • Bad News Bears: A professional baseball player coaches a little league team in this comedy.
    • Cape Fear: This Martin Scorsese thriller is perfect for crime lovers.
    • Casper: The friendly ghost haunts a Maine mansion.
    • Cardcaptor Sakura: The early 2000s anime series is back!
    • Clueless: This 1995 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma is a classic in its own right.
    • Cocomelon: This animated series will teach your kids new skills and lessons.
    • Cook Off: A woman’s son enters her in a cooking competition in this rom-com.

  • June 1 (continued)
    • Dear My Friends: This South Korean show follows the lives of several seniors.
    • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: The classic Spielberg film about a boy who befriends an alien.
    • Juwanna Mann: A pro basketball player dresses in drag to get his job back.
    • Inside Man: A detective and criminal fight it out during a hostage crisis.
    • Kalek Shanab: This series is reminiscent of The Hangover.
    • Lust, Caution: A female spy falls in love with her target during World War II.
    • Midnight Diner: This Japanese series follows a chef and his customers.
    • Mirai: Animated film about a time-traveling young boy.

  • June 1 (continued)
    • Observe and Report: An unstable mall cop joins the police force in this Seth Rogen film.
    • My Shy Boss: This K-drama follows the leader of a PR company.
    • Priest: A priest hunts vampires in this horror film.
    • Rememory: A man uses a machine that records memory to solve a murder.
    • Revolutionary Love: The heir to a fortune gives it up for a girl in this K-drama.
    • Starship Troopers: You don’t want to miss this classic (and hilarious) sci-fi parody.
    • The Boy: A doll comes to life in this terrifying horror film.
    • The Car: This 1970s cult horror film is about a possessed car.
    • The Disaster Artist: James Franco stars in this comedy about the making of the film The Room.
    • The Healer: A repairman has the ability to heal in this feel-good film.
    • The Help: Viola Davis stars in this film about racial change in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi.

  • June 1 (continued)
    • The Queen: Helen Mirren stars as Queen Elizabeth II.  
    • The Show: A reality TV show uses death as a premise in this film.
    • The Silence of the Lambs: Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster star in this classic horror movie. 
    • The Stolen: A woman looks for her missing son in the Wild West.
    • Twister: Storm chasers follow a massive tornado in this popular 1996 film.
    • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story: This parody of Walk the Line stars John C. Reilly as the titular character. 
    • V for Vendetta: Natalie Portman stars in this dystopian film inspired by the gunpowder plot. 
    • West Side Story: Two New York street gangs, the Sharks and the Jets, clash in this musical version of Romeo and Juliet.  
    • You Don’t Mess with the Zohan: Adam Sandler stars in this film about a soldier who wants to become a hairdresser.
    • Zodiac: True crime lovers need to watch this film about the investigation of the Zodiac killer.

  • June 2
    • Alone: Survivalists brave the elements for cash in the return of this show.
    • Fuller House: Say goodbye to the Tanners in the farewell season.
    • Garth Brooks: The Road I’m on: Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks star in their own documentary series.
    • True: Rainbow Rescue: True has to rescue Rainbow City in this animated series.
  • June 3
    • Ladybird: Saoirse Ronan stars in this Oscar-winning Greta Gerwig film.
    • Killing Gunther: A group of assassins plans to take out the world’s best.
    • Spelling the Dream: This documentary follows a string of Indian American spelling bee winners.

  • June 4
    • Baki: A fighter wants to become stronger than his father in this anime.
    • Can You Hear Me?/M’entends-tu?: Three friends live and work together in this series.
  • June 5
    • 13 Reasons Why: This is the final season of the Netflix original series.
    • Choked: Pasai Bolta Hai: An Indian banker finds a new way to make money in her home.
    • Hannibal: This NBC series follows Hannibal Lector from The Silence of the Lambs.
    • Merry Men 2: Another Mission: The former robbers who gave to the poor try to run a business.
    • Queer Eye: Season five of the popular makeover series.
    • Supernatural: The first part of season 15 of this popular CW show about two monster-hunting brothers will be available to stream.
    • The Last Days of American Crime: A government signal stops crime forever just before a major heist.

  • June 6
    • Queen of the South: The final season of this series about a woman who starts her own drug cartel.
    • The Night Clerk: A hotel clerk who becomes a murder suspect tries to solve the crime himself.
  • June 7
    • 365 Days: A member of the mafia kidnaps a woman and tries to make her fall in love with him in 365 days.
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