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Here’s How Safe Your Summer Plans Are, According to Experts

People running into the waves at the beach.
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Wondering if your summer camping, beach, or barbecue plans are safe or not? You’re not alone.

There are several reasons why it’s so hard to figure out what’s safe right now. Because the coronavirus is new, we’re still learning about it. As new information comes to light, safety recommendations are updated, which can cause confusion.

Also, messaging at the local and national levels has been confusing, at best. Federal, state, and city governments are all giving different recommendations, leaving people unsure of which instructions to follow.

Luckily, infectious disease and public health experts are here to clear things up. NPR recently asked a panel of those experts about the risk levels of 14 beloved summer activities. They covered everything from hotel stays to hanging by the pool, so you can decide which activities are right for you and your family.

Each entry in the list includes a breakdown of the risks and what alters the risk profile. For example, you can lower the risk profile of having a backyard gathering by having everyone bring their own food and utensils. This will eliminate any cross-contamination.

We know you’re more than ready to be done with quarantine and make some summer plans, but you also want to do it as safely as possible.

So, before you make those summer plans, see what the experts advise. While no activities are completely safe right now, these tips will help you minimize the risks of summer fun.

Elyse Hauser Elyse Hauser
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