This Viral TikTok Video Shows You How to Perfectly Cut a Cake

A chocolate cake, dusted with cocoa powder, cut into slices.
Marcin Jucha/Shutterstock

Cutting a birthday cake usually ends in a mess of sticky icing and crumbling bits, but not anymore! A hack on TikTok has people creating the most seamless slices of confection you’ve ever seen.

People are taking floss to their cakes. (Yes, really). While some might have seen this hack before, others are about to be seriously impressed. In the video below, TikTok user Janette Ok demonstrates cutting a birthday cake into multiple pieces with some simple floss.

Pulling the string tight, the cake is sliced in half, then in fourths, and, eventually, into eighths. It’s perfectly done, with no residual icing and no smushed cake—a feat that seems impossible for many of us to achieve with a knife.

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So, next time you need to slice a birthday cake, maybe you should grab the floss from your medicine cabinet.

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