Watch the Great Smoky Mountains Fireflies Online Now

Fireflies glowing in a forest at dusk.

Summer vacations are likely looking a bit different in 2020, but people are getting creative. One trip, to see the Great Smoky Mountains’ fireflies, can now be done online.

Every June, for two weeks, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park hosts a firefly viewing event. During this time, male fireflies come above ground and blink in sync for the female flies below, and they’re the only species that perform such a display.

Each year the event is so popular that the park typically has to distribute tickets, and people appear in the thousands to see the sparkling display. Due to social distancing guidelines, it’s not possible to host the event this year. But you can still see it.

Non-profit Discover Life In America took footage of the fireflies performing and live-streamed it on June 1. For those who missed it, though, the organization has left the video up so as many people as possible can view the moment.

After an introduction explaining the reasons for the fireflies’ behavior, the video cuts to multiple scenes of the animal performing, and it’s not only an incredible sight but also a soothing nature display.

While Tennessee may not be in your travel plans, this annual event can still be on your summer to-do list.

[Via MentalFloss]

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