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Ferrets Playing in Packing Peanuts Is the Levity You Crave

A ferret with traditional dark sable markings playing in a box of pink packing peanuts.

As far as cute animal videos go, there’s really nothing as absurdly ridiculous and cute as ferrets absolutely losing their minds playing in packing peanuts.

If you’ve never owned a pet ferret or watched these kinds of videos, you’re in for a treat! Ferrets are burrowing animals and they love to dig. They’ll play in anything they can throw around and tunnel through, including sand, snow, and especially, packing peanuts.

Thanks to their lightweight and static charge, packing peanuts are a perfect match for the intense tunnel energy of ferrets. The video below is probably the classic “ferrets lose their mind in packing peanuts” clip on YouTube.

Boxes are great, but, hey, why not fill a whole kiddie pool? More surface area means more popcorn-like popping in and out of the peanuts.

Need even more of this nonsense? Here’s a compilation video that firmly establishes all ferrets want to go crazy in packing peanut peanuts, all the time.

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