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Hedge Maze Parks Could Be Coming

A collection of hedges form a maze in a new idea for public parks.
Studio Precht/Instagram

Public parks may look different going forward thanks to a need for social distancing. Austrian-based landscape design studio Studio Precht thinks hedge maze parks could be the newest thing in public spaces.

In an Instagram post, the studio posited the idea of a hedge maze as a way to allow for social distancing while in a public park, dubbing the creation Parc de la Distance. The concept calls for tall hedges, which create a woven maze, that people can walk through while avoiding social contact with others. Dispersed throughout the hedges are trees and what seem to be water fountains with a larger fixture in the center.

In the caption for the image, Studio Precht explained the project writing, “A park that provides solitude to citizens. To spend a walk of 20 minutes without seeing anyone. Focusing on your inner self, your thoughts, and your mind.”


While the design would help with social distancing, in an interview with Architectural Digest lead creator Chris Precht explained that the maze would be created as a way to create solitude and moments of reflections for those who visit. On one level, the park should connect people to green, and on another, it should connect people to themselves,” Precht said. “You walk the park in solitude—you and your thoughts. I think that sometimes it’s important to disconnect yourself from your surroundings to be able to reconnect afterward.”

Whether these hedge maze parks will be the future, the design concept is stunning and a must-see for landscape lovers.

[Via Architectural Digest]

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