Here’s the Most Popular Candy in Your State

Bags of candy in the candy aisle at a grocery store.
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Everyone has a favorite candy, but is yours the prevailing choice in your home state? Each state has one popular candy according to the online purveyor of sweets CandyStore.com, and some of the results may surprise you.

While you might think that some sort of chocolate bar or chocolate-based candy would top the list for many states, it’s actually a fruity chewy snack that dominates the United States. A whopping 10 states have Skittles as the most popular candy, and it seems to be a prevailing Southern preference specifically.

The fruit-flavored treat topped the lists in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina, basically taking up the entire southeastern U.S. minus Mississippi, which chose M&Ms, and Tennessee, where Reese’s were the top treat.

As for the favorite when it comes to chocolate, the clear winner was M&Ms. The multi-colored chocolate drops were a close second to the chewy candy, and between the two, most of the states were covered.

If you want to see what candy is most popular in your state, you can check out the full list here at the Daily Meal.

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