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TikTok Users Discover What Those Ice Cube Tray Dimples Do

An empty ice cube tray on a blue background.
Xiuxia Huang/Shutterstock

If you think TikTok is for weird viral dances and fluffy coffee, you’d be partially right. But the social media platform is also home to multiple useful hacks. The latest is an ice cube tray TikTok hack that’ll have you saying, “Oh! That’s what that’s for!”

For those of us who have had to use ice trays or are currently still using them thanks to the absence of an ice maker, there’s a TikTok hack that’ll prevent water from spilling over the edges and then freezing the trays to the inside of your freezer.

Turns out, those button-like dots between empty ice cube spaces serve a purpose. TikTok users@4jmjcbitxh posted a video explaining that the flat areas help water distribute evenly into each empty spot. Filling up your tray this way means you end up with perfectly even amounts of water and eventually perfect ice cubes.

@4jmjcbitxhsomeone validate me plz ##learnontiktok ##favoritememories♬ original sound – 4jmjcbitxh

The video has racked up over 468,000 views and has over 1,000 comments. If you’ve been one of those people who just put the tray underwater and hope for the best, TikTok has just given you the way to make perfect ice cubes.

[Via Delish]

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