How to Get Faster Delivery with Uber Eats

A driver picks up an Uber Eats order.
Uber Eats

It’s late. You’re starving. You want that delivery order ASAP. Now, thanks to Uber Eats, that’s a possibility.

The meal delivery service is rolling out Priority Delivery, which is exactly what it sounds like. Your burger and fries get pushed to the top of the delivery queue, and you get your dinner faster.

The new service went live June 15, allowing customers to have their delivery expedited for an additional 99 cents to $2 per order. According to Uber Eats, this shaves five to 10 minutes off your wait time—and when you’re hungry, five minutes is a big deal!

A restaurant worker packs an Uber Eats order.
Uber Eats

The food delivery service also introduced restaurant loyalty programs this week. The new initiative allows restaurants to opt into the service and build their own programs. Uber Eats customers can then monitor their progress for each restaurant on the app and see when they’ll get their next reward.

If you’re a takeout-lover and want to be rewarded with loyalty points, or if you’re just in a rush to get your grub, Uber Eats is at your service.

[Via Uber]

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