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6 Alternative Date Ideas for Some Fresh Fun

We know all about dinner and a movie, candlelit dinners at home, and long walks on the beach. But date night doesn’t have to be traditional. Here are some fun alternative ideas.

When you have a night off and a sitter for the kids, why not try something new? Here are some fun things to consider.

Enjoy a Board Game Night Out

You no longer have to stay at home to play board games and card games. Do a little local research, and you’re sure to find a game store that hosts open board game nights. Board games have become so popular, in fact, many chain bookstores like Barnes & Noble even regularly host them. These events give you and your significant a place to try out different games without investing in them (and it’s a fun way to meet people who are also interested in games).

Some stores charge a fee for these events, and others don’t. You’ll want to contact your game store to find out if there is a charge and when their open gaming nights are. You never know: you might find a new game you both like and come home with your own copy to play whenever you’d like (like your next date night).

Go to a Video Game Bar or Arcade

If video games are more your thing, video game cafes are popping up all over the place as well. Instead of filling your home with a variety of gaming systems, you can go to a bar-style environment (or an actual bar, since some pubs host video game nights) and play any number of systems.

This offers you and your partner a chance to try out different games and different systems. If you’re lucky, the cafe will host some vintage systems as well.

Then, of course, there are actual traditional arcades and arcade bars where, instead of modern consoles and games, you’ll find aisles and aisles of cabinet games and pinball machines to play.

Break Your Meal Up Across Restaurants

If you’re incorporating a meal into your date night, here’s a fun way to add a little adventure to the event. Instead of picking one place and having the entire meal there, jump from location to location for each course. Grab appetizers at one restaurant, the main course at another, and dessert at a final stop.

You can make this as complex (and expensive) as you want. Maybe you end up traveling across the entire city in search of ethnic food to make it a multicultural dining experience, or perhaps you pare down the scope of the adventure and just drift around the food court at your local mall. Either way, it’s a fun way to inject some variety, and you’ll burn off a few calories just hustling to your next dining stop.

See a Local Band

Couples who love music may enjoy going to concerts together. Concert tickets these days can be pretty expensive, though. Instead of spending the big bucks on a national act, consider going out to see a local band.

Local bands often play music for the sake of playing and for the love of music—getting a paycheck or some tips are just side perks. Local shows cost far less to get into than concerts with international headliners.

Not in the mood to see a band at a bar? There are other options. See live music in the park or check out a house show (where a homeowner opens up their house to host a band or two).

Join a Book Club Together

If you and your partner both enjoy reading, you may want to consider joining a book club together. Not only does this allow you to spend time reading together, but you’ll also have a chance to discuss the books you read mutually. Book clubs usually meet monthly, giving you time to get through the assigned book.

By enjoying books together with a group, you’ll both have a chance to hear other people’s opinions as well as sharing your own. Reading the same book at the same time also gives you more things to talk about at home.

Sign up for an Art or Enrichment Class

If you and your significant other love art, or you just want to add more art to your lives, consider taking an art class. These days, learning to create is a bit different than it once was, because you can go to an art group where you can drink and create.

Some boozy art classes revolve around wine, some are beer-specific, and some offer mixed drinks. You may find these events hosted at bars, people’s homes, and rented spaces.

Not interested in art? There are tons of other kinds of enrichment classes too, like cooking or dancing classes.

Dates don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to revolve around a meal and a night at the opera. Consider one or more of these ideas for your next date night, or come up with some new and creative ideas of your own.

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