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Hate Digging for the Last of the Peanut Butter? Try This TikTok Hack

Peanut butter scooped fresh from a jar.
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That sticky mess coating your hand when you’re trying to get to the last of the peanut butter is the worst. Thankfully, TikTok’s peanut butter jar hack has solved this problem.

The final days of a peanut-butter jar means shoving your fist through the top to scrape out whatever’s left with a spoon or knife. It also means getting sticky nut butter all over your fingers. Thanks to the TikTok peanut butter hack, that doesn’t have to happen anymore—just spin the jar.

TikTok account @equivocal_intuition was the original creator of this hack, but it’s @shopsplat who’s gone viral with it.

All you have to do is take that nearly empty jar of peanut butter and spin it on a flat surface. Lay the jar on its side and, using both hands, spin it multiple times in the same direction. There doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus on how many times you should spin the bottle, or for how long. Based on videos, though, at least a minute seems to be necessary.

@shopsplatThis is so cool ! Watch till the end !♬ original sound – shopsplat

After you’ve finished spinning, the remaining peanut butter will be in a whipped shape at the top of the jar so you can avoid the dreaded sticky hands.

@Shopslplat wasn’t the only person on TikTok to try the trick, either—multiple videos have appeared. The end result is always the same: perfectly whipped peanut butter. So, next time you need to get to the bottom of that jar, just turn to TikTok.

[Via Good Morning America]

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