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11 Awesome Subscription Boxes for High School Graduates

A graduation cap sitting on a table next to a book and diploma.

Proud of the high school graduate in your life, and want to help him along the next leg of his journey? These subscription boxes not only make great gifts, but they’re also incredibly useful for a new grad.

Whether she’s heading off to college or going straight to work, the subscription boxes below will keep her stocked up on necessities. They’re truly the gift that keeps on giving!


A meal from Freshly.

If they’re about to move out of their parent’s house and into a new place, they’re going to need the most basic of all essentials: food. Sure, in college, there are plenty of food options, but sometimes, you just want something different.

Freshly is a great gift because it’s fast, easy, delicious, and healthy. Each week, you can choose four to 12 meals, depending on the plan you purchase. They’re all put together, so all your grad will have to do is heat them up.

These are great to have in the fridge when you need something fast, but nutritious. Plus, since they’re microwavable, they’re perfect to have on hand in a dorm.

To give Freshly as a gift, just choose the meal plan you want.

Next Big Idea Club

A Next Big Idea Club box featuring two books.
Next Big Idea Club

For grads who love to read and learn, give them something to think and talk about instead of their courses or workload. A subscription to the Next Big Idea Club sends your recipient two intellectually stimulating books every few months.

And it’s not just about reading—subscribers also get access to exclusive e-courses with discussion questions, takeaways, and author interviews. There’s also a private online community where subscribers can discuss the books.

The Next Big Idea Club starts at $8.25 per month.

Mouth Snacks of the Month

The contents of a Mouth Snacks of the Month box.

Who wouldn’t love to receive a box of delicious snacks at their door every month? The Mouth Snacks of the Month box is perfect for hungry, busy college students to hoard in their dorm rooms or take to class. However, it’s really something anyone would appreciate.

When you subscribe, Mouth sends a selection of its best snacks each month. Picks include all of the flavors: salty, sweet, crunchy, and chewy. Even better, everything is unique, and not what you’d find on a typical grocery store run.

Subscriptions start at $54 per month.

Classic Candy Box

The contents of a Classic Candy Box.
Classic Candy Box

Does your favorite grad have a major sweet tooth? Forget the box of snacks idea and opt for this Classic Candy Box, instead. It’s full of delicious candy and nostalgia. Every box is sure to include the stuff she loved as a kid, so she’ll be reminded of her childhood and home, no matter where she is.

Classic Candy Box includes sweets that are popular now, but also those from the past, like Clark Bars and Zotz. And who doesn’t need a sugar rush to get through an all-night study session?

Classic Candy Box starts at $15.97 per month.


A woman and man wearing matching pairs of underwear from MeUndies.

Is it weird to give underwear as a gift? Maybe a little, but it’s also extremely practical—especially for a new college student who’ll never have the time or space to do his laundry. With a subscription to MeUndies, the grad in your life can choose a new pair (or more) of underwear every month.

You’ll need to select the style, color or pattern (there are tons of fun ones), and size. Each month, MeUndies will remember the style and size, but your recipient can select a different color or pattern.

It’s an excellent way to make sure he always has a good supply of underwear. They’re also ridiculously comfortable, and you can even add socks if you want!

The price varies, depending on the style and number of pairs you choose.


The contents of an Urthbox.

Urthbox is perfect for the grad who likes to eat healthy. Each one comes packed with new healthy foods, beverages, snacks, and more! Extras include things like supplements, and skincare or hair products.

There’s no skimping, either—everything is full-size. This will allow your recipient to try new things and stock up on healthier snacks that still taste good.

Oh, and when you gift Urthbox to someone, you get a free box, too!

Urthbox gift options start at $89.97.


The contents of a calmbox.

Graduating high school is an amazing feeling, but it can also be really stressful. If you know a recent graduate who could use a bit of a breather (or soon will), get her a subscription to calmbox. It sends products meant to provide little moments of calm and peace throughout the day.

The products each month fit a different theme, like mindfulness, meditation, or stress relief. Your recipient will get things like calming teas, soothing skin-care products, healthy snacks, and something to relax her mind.

calmbox is $29.99 per month.


A woman holding a fabfitfun box, with the contents spread around her on a bed.

fabfitfun is one of our personal favorites because it has a little bit of everything. While your recipient won’t necessarily need any of the items in this box, they’re still fun to get! And many of them will end up being useful. At the very least, she might just discover a new favorite product!

This is basically a lifestyle box. It includes everything from full-size beauty products and little pieces of home decor, to jewelry, clothes, and workout gear. Most of the items in the box are a surprise, but subscribers can choose some of them. Boxes are delivered four times a year.

fabfitfun is $49.99 per box.


A woman holding a TheraBox full of products.

Know a recent graduate who’s struggling with anxiety or depression or just tends to stress out? Try sending TheraBox. This monthly box is curated by legitimate therapists, so it’s full of items meant to make someone happy and relaxed.

Each box includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience and positive psychology, as well as full-size products meant to be soothing. It’s like sending a little self-care box each month, without having to pick anything out.

TheraBox starts at $30.99 per box.

College Delivery Club

A College Delivery Club box surrounded by its contents.
College Delivery Club

When their kids go off to college, parents often send care packages containing stuff like snacks, things they like, or items they forgot to take with them last time they were home. If you don’t feel like putting one together yourself, though, check out the College Delivery Club. It does all the work for you!

Each cute care package is full of everything a college student needs, including lots of really good snacks! They also include things like packets of laundry detergent, school supplies, toiletries, and easy-to-make meals, like mac and cheese or microwaveable rice.

Freshman Fun Box

A Freshman Fun Box full of items.
Freshman Fun Box

Can’t get your hands on a College Delivery Club box? Well, the Freshman Fun Box is basically the same thing. It’s full of everything a college student might need, from food and personal care items, to life-skill necessities.

Each month, your new college student will be treated to a box of goodies he’ll use and love—no fluff included.

The Freshman Fun Box starts at $69.99 per box.

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