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Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix This Week

Scene from the 1980 comedy 'Airplane!'.
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You might be starting the week in June, but you’ll be ending it in July. That means Netflix releases aplenty. Here’s what you can start binging in July.

From an adaptation of the classic book series The Babysitters Club, to Spielberg’s award-winning Schindler’s List—or Airplane! if you want something significantly lighter—there’s a vast array of options coming streamers’ way this month.

Here’s everything coming to Netflix this week:

  • June 29
    • Bratz: The Movie: The dolls that line toy-store shelves have their own movie.
  • June 30
    • Adú: Three lives intertwine in this Spanish film.
    • BNA: This anime tells the story of someone turned into a raccoon beast.
    • George Lopez: We’ll Do It for Half: The comedian’s comedy special.

  • July 1
    • Anne Frank: Parallel Stories: Helen Mirren stars in this documentary that follows the stories of other girls alongside Anne Frank’s diary.
    • A Bridge Too FarThis World War II film follows the failed mission of Operation Market Garden.
    • A Thousand WordsA fast-talking literary agent must learn to listen in this film.
    • A Touch of Green: Season 1: This series follows a group of Republic of China pilots.
    • A Walk to Remember: Mandy Moore and Shane West star in this high school romance about ill-fated lovers.
    • Abby Hatcher: Season 1: A little girl lives alongside creatures called Fuzzlies in this animated series.
    • Airplane!: The cult classic comedy about hijinks aboard a plane.
    • Ali: Will Smith stars as the famous boxer in this biopic.
    • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: Fans will be pleased to see this new animated series.
    • Charlotte’s Web: Get your tissues ready for this adaptation of the classic children’s novel.
    • Clash of the Titans: Follow the adventures of Greek mythological hero, Perseus, in this film.

  • July 1 (continued)
    • Cleo & Cuquin: Season 2: Kids pretend to be different professions in this animated series.
    • Cloud Atlas: This time-traveling, epic fantasy film stars Tom Hanks and Halle Berry
    • David Foster: Off the Record: The Grammy-award-winning songwriter is profiled.
    • Definitely, Maybe: A man relieves tales of his dating life with his daughter.
    • Delta Farce: Larry the Cable Guy stars in this military satire.
    • Donnie Brasco: An FBI agent goes undercover to infiltrate the mob.
    • Double Jeopardy: A woman framed for killing her husband seeks revenge.
    • Fiddler on the Roof: The film version of the classic musical.
    • Frida: Salma Hayek plays famous painter Frida Kahlo in this biopic.
    • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: Two firemen pretend to be married in this comedy.

  • July 1 (continued)
    • Killing Hasselhoff: A gambler decides to kill David Hasselhoff to get out of his debts.
    • Kingdom: Seasons 1-3: MMA fans will love this series about the sport.
    • Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: The original film adaptation of the popular children’s book series.
    • Mean Streets: Martin Scorsese directs this story about mafia life in Little Italy.
    • Million Dollar Baby: Hilary Swank is a boxer looking to prove herself in this film.
    • Paranormal Activity: Get ready to be scared with this behind-the-scenes footage horror film.
    • Red Riding Hood: A markedly sexier take on the classic fairy tale.
    • Schindler’s List: Jewish factory workers are protected from the Nazis in this Spielberg classic.
    • Sleepless in Seattle: A little boy attempts to set up his dad (Tom Hanks) with a woman (Meg Ryan) who hears him talking about his dead wife on a radio show.
    • Sleepy Hollow: Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci star in this gothic take on Ichabod Crane.
    • Spaceballs: Star Wars fans will love this classic spoof, courtesy of Mel Brooks.

  • July 1 (continued)
    • The Karate Kid I, II, and III: Fans of the Cobra Kai will love seeing how the classic rivalry between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) began.
    • The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!: A bumbling detective attempts to foil a plot to create assassins.
    • The Town: Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner star in this film about bank robbers.
    • The Witches: Angelica Houston stars in this campy ’80s film.
    • This Christmas: For those wanting a dash of the holidays in July, this is the film for you.
    • Total Recall: The smash-hit Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about a man with false memories.
    • Trotro: A donkey explores the world in this animated show for kids.
    • Winchester: A haunted house wreaks havoc on a family in this horror film.
    • Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt: Season 2: Parents will be pleased to see another season of this animated series about a tool-belt-wearing monkey hit their TVs this week.
    • Deadwind: Season 2: A detective investigates the murders of women connected to a construction company.
    • Say I Do: Companies compete for dream weddings in this new reality show.
    • Under the Riccione Sun: Italian teenagers vacation together and work through romantic relationships.
    • Unsolved Mysteries: Yes, the entire lineup of this classic investigation series will be streaming in July.

  • July 2
    • Warrior Nun: A girl wakes from the dead to become a super-powered warrior nun.
    • Thiago Ventura: Pokas: The comedian’s stand-up special hits your TV this week.
  • July 3
    • The Baby-Sitters Club: Season 1: A modern adaptation of the classic book series.
    • Cable Girls: Final Season Part 2: The second half of the popular show about female cable operators in the ’20s finishes.
    • Desperados: A woman travels to Mexico to delete an email she sent her new boyfriend.
    • JU-ON: Origins: The Japanese horror web series gets the Netflix treatment.
    • Southern Survival: A group tests out multiple devices intended to help people survive disasters.
  • July 5
    • ONLY: A virus has wiped out all women except one—and she’s on the run.
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