This TikTok Cheese & Cracker Cutting Hack Is Genius

Crackers and cheese piles up on a plate.

You may not think an app about viral dances would be the place to find food hacks, but you’d be wrong. TikTok’s cheese and cracker hack show the video-sharing app is actually the place to go for your unconventional (but useful) kitchen tips.

TikTok user @therealnobody30 is the most recent person to find a new life hack and post it to the platform. He discovered the real use for the ridges along the sides of Ritz crackers, and it may blow your mind. In the video, he takes one of the buttery delicious crackers, rolls the jagged edges through a slice of cheese, and boom! It’s an instant cheese cutter. Plus, you can eat this handy new tool once you’re done chopping cheese. What’s not to love about that?

@therealnobody30LiFe hACk ##lifehack ##foodhack ##lgbtq♬ Ymca – Party City

The user’s hack, however, is far from TikTok’s only useful trick for your kitchen. Users have discovered new ways to juice a lemon, cut a cake, and improve those boxed cupcake recipes. The next time you need a cooking hack, it may just be on TikTok.

[Via Yahoo]

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