Rearranging Your Furniture Might Help Ease Anxiety

A small apartment space.

Escaping stress might seem impossible—especially if you’re cooped up in your home most of the time, thanks to social distancing. As it turns out, rearranging your furniture might be just the quick fix you need.

Dr. Stephani Robson, an environmental psychologist and faculty member at Cornell University, explained to Today that humans are wired to use their surroundings as protection. This often means finding a safe space, like a corner, to tuck into.

This means moving your bed or chair to a corner could help you feel more safe and secure. Decor can help, as well. Dr. Robson also said that items like throw pillows or blankets can add to the feeling of security by creating the illusion of being held.

A stylish, modern desk with a large monitor sitting on it, surrounded by wicker and wooden decor.

It’s not just where your furniture is placed, either. Dr. Robson explained that organization can give a sense of “perceived control,” which, in turn, might help ease anxiety. So, the sense of control someone might get from cleaning out a junk drawer or organizing a bookshelf can provide a larger sense of comfort.

If you’re thinking some rearranging might be in order, Today also spoke with Kerrie Kelly of the Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, who offered tips on how to rearrange to make your space as soothing as possible.

[Via Today]

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