This OxiClean Hack Helps You Remove Jar Labels for Reuse

Woman organizing her pantry with repurposed pickle jars and other glass containers.

One of the easiest ways to boost sustainability in your living space is to reuse old items. For those with resourceful parents, seeing this done with old pickle or mayonnaise jars was likely common. Turns out, there’s an easier way to get the old labels off thanks to OxiClean.

If you’ve repurposed a pickle jar or an old glass container of jam, you know that peeling off the brand stickers and eliminating that pesky leftover residue can be difficult. That’s where OxiClean comes in. Writer Shifrah Combiths with Apartment Therapy has created an easy hack that eliminates all that scrubbing.

According to Combiths, all you need to do to remove labels from old jars is soak them in an OxiClean solution. She suggests filling your sink or a basin with hot water and then filling the inside of soon-to-be repurposed jars so they’ll sink to the bottom. Then, use a “generous scoop” of OxiClean and allow the jars to soak for an hour.

Once you’ve let them soak, the labels should be detached and floating along the top of the water. If there’s any residue left on the jar, simply clean it off with a sponge.

While this trick is useful for those looking to recycle old jars, if you want even more OxiClean hack, Combiths outlined even more over at Apartment Therapy.

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