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Here’s How to Ripen Peaches Faster

A basket of peaches on a wood table.
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Peaches may not be as finicky as avocados when it comes to their ripening time, but sometimes, you just need them to be ready for a snack or recipe a bit sooner. Good news: there’s a peach ripening hack for that.

You’ve likely already started buying your summer peaches (the season is from June to August), and you might want to start branching out into recipes like cobblers or ice creams. However, some dishes call for the fruit to be at the height of ripeness or a little overly done. Well, you can get them there using just a brown paper bag.

Place your peaches into the bag and leave them on a countertop at room temperature away from direct sunlight. In a day or two, you’ll have perfectly ripe peaches. If you don’t have a paper bag, placing the peaches between two kitchen towels also does the trick. if you want an extra speedy ripening, you can try the same trick people use with avocados and place them next to bananas or another bit of produce that produces ethylene gas.

Boom, peach cobbler. Okay, not exactly done and ready, but you’re one step closer!

[Via Better Homes & Gardens]


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