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Turns Out Kirklands Coffee Is Brewed by Starbucks

A back of Kirkland House Blend coffee against a background of coffee beans.
Costco, Tendo/Shutterstock

From its pizza to its massive sizes of soda, Costco has more than enough to love. Turns out, though, there may be yet another thing to add. Some Kirkland’s coffee is brewed by Starbucks.

Maybe you already knew this nugget of information, but if not, some of Costco’s branded items are actually manufactured by some major brands. In fact, it’s right on the labels of your favorite Kirkland’s coffee varieties. Much like other mass-market retailers (here’s looking at you Trader Joe’s), Costco assigns out its brands to larger names for creation. One of them is Starbucks. While not every coffee variety offered by the bulk-buying giant is brewed by the famous Seattle-based coffee chain, many are, and they’re listed right on the label. Kirkland’s House Blend Medium Roast, Espresso Blend Dark Roast, and Decaf House Blend Medium Roast are all actually created by Starbucks.

According to MoneyWise, though, Starbucks isn’t the only major brand behind some of Costco’s goods. Iconic candy brand Jelly Belly is, in fact, the name behind Kirkland’s jelly beans, and even outside of food, there are crossovers. Duracell makes Kirkland’s batteries.

The next time you wonder if your Costco bulk buy is as good as the name brand, remember that it actually just be made by the brand you have in mind.

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