Spotify Will Make a Workout Playlist for You

A woman works out next to a sign for the Soundtrack Your Workout feature from Spotify.

Making the perfect workout playlist takes time, and not everyone has an hour to devote to form the perfect selection of music. Don’t worry, though. Spotify will make you a workout playlist now.

The music streaming service has launched a service where users can input information about their individual exercise routines in order to get a custom blend of music for the day. The service partnered with trainer Corey Calliet to match the tempos of the music to specific workouts, so you’re always on track regardless of what you’re doing for exercise that day.

You’ll need to have the most recent update to Spotify. Once that’s done, you’ll find the Soundtrack Your Workout quiz. The app will ask several questions about how long you’ll be exercising, the type, the vibe (pumped up, zen, etc), as well as if you want podcasts to pop up and what kind of music you like.

Spotify lays out the way to create a personalized workout playlist.

Once that’s done, the service takes your answers and what it’s learned of your music tastes over time and gives you a custom playlist. Don’t worry if you don’t have a premium account either. The feature is available for all Spotify members regardless of your subscription level.

The next time you get tired of your workout playlist, Spotify has you covered.

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