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Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix This Week

A scene from the 2004 movie adaptation of The Notebook with the main characters in a row boat.
New Line Cinema

July has been quite the month for Netflix users. From Will Ferrell’s Eurovision film last week to the upcoming return of The Umbrella Academy, the streaming service is dropping quality content basically every day this month.

Sure, it’s not the massive drop we saw on July 1, but this week, fans will see a beloved Jane Austen adaptation and a popular Michael Jordan docuseries launch.

If you want to refill your Netflix queue, here’s everything coming to Netflix this week.

  • July 14
    • The Business of Drugs: A former CIA agent looks at the business models behind six different illicit drugs in this documentary.
    • On est ensemble: This Netflix original documentary tells the stories of the activists involved in the creation of the music video for “Solidarite.”
    • Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser: Australian comedian Urzila Carlson talks weight, sex, and booze in this comedy special.


  • July 15
    • Dark Desire: This Netflix original follows the story of a woman who has an affair following her husband’s indiscretions and eventually ends up in a murder investigation.
    • Gli Infedeli (The Players): This collection of short stories follows men dealing with fumbles and infidelities in relationships.
    • Skin Decisions: Before and After: An aesthetic nurse and plastic surgeon give people the procedures of their dreams.
    • Sunny Bunnies: Season 1-2: Multi-colored animated bunnies go on adventures in this animated show.
  • July 16
    • Fatal Affair: A drink with an old friend turns obsessive in this Netflix original movie.
    • Indian Matchmaking: A matchmaker leads people in the United States and India through the process of arranged marriage.
    • MILF: Three friends have affairs in the South of France.
    • Pride and Prejudice: The beloved Kiera Knightley adaptation of the Jane Austen film is coming.

  • July 17
    • Boca a Boca: Teens contract a contagious “kissing virus” in this film.
    • Cursed: Excalibur must be taken to Merlin in this retelling about the famous sword.
    • Funan: A woman is taken to a work camp and attempts to be reunited with her family in this animated film.

  • July 18
    • Gigantosaurus: Season 1: Four dinosaur friends go on adventures in this children’s series.
    • The Notebook: Yes, that The Notebook.
  • July 19
    • The Last Dance: The popular ESPN documentary about Michael Jordan comes to streaming.
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