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Avoid Crowded Parks and Enjoy a Cemetery Stroll Instead

A woman in exercise clothes walking through a cemetery with walking sticks.
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Many of us are trying to avoid crowds this summer, while still enjoying the great outdoors. Most parks are packed and noisy. Fortunately, though, there’s a place just like a park that’s a whole lot quieter: your local cemetery.

A cemetery might not be the first place that pops into your mind when you’re thinking of taking a walk. Some people find them eerie or even frightening. However, there are a variety of excellent reasons to head to the local cemetery for your next walk.

It’s Quiet and Peaceful

Because cemeteries are packed with dead people, and a lot of folks find death unsettling, they’re usually a peaceful place to get some fresh air and avoid crowds.

While there might be others finding solace in a quiet stroll around the grounds, it’s unlikely you’ll run into a crowd unless there’s a funeral being held. In that case, just be respectful and choose a different path.

If there’s a large cemetery in your area, it’ll likely be extremely similar to walking through a park that has a bunch of trails. Even if you’re sharing the space with other visitors, you’re still sure to find a quiet space.

Although large, well-kept cemeteries might look like parks, they’re free of the noisy things you usually find at a park, like families barbecuing, children playing, or basketball games.

Wildlife Abounds

Also like parks, cemeteries are a great place to see wildlife—perhaps even more so. Larger cemeteries with wooded areas might attract more than squirrels and birds—you could see deer, too. Because they’re not frequently packed with people, animals aren’t spooked off as much at cemeteries and tend to move about more freely.

If your cemetery has a pond, you might even see turtles or fish. If you want to increase your chances of seeing wildlife, walk the areas farthest from the entrance and nearby roads.

Beautiful Architecture

Like any city with an architectural appeal, cemeteries often feature a lot of beautiful creations, as well. You might see some amazing tombs, statues, and crypts.

Even the simplest headstones can be hauntingly beautiful. From the worn names and dates, to the intricate artwork depicting the occupations, interests, or hobbies of the people buried below, you’re sure to see some that capture your interest.

So, the next time you need to get out of the house for some fresh air, skip the park and head to the local cemetery instead. You’ll enjoy the peace, quiet, and beauty.

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