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3 Great Reasons to Take Your Lunch Break Outside

A man eating a packed lunch, sitting on a park wall next to his bicycle.

Working outside your home during a global pandemic makes enjoying your lunch break a bit nerve-wracking. Instead of risking contagion in the lunchroom or breaking any rules to dine at your desk, consider lunching outdoors.

If you need a little nudge to break out of your old routine and adopt an open-air dining habit at work, here are three good reasons to do so.

It’s Far Less Crowded

The great outdoors is far less cramped than even the most spacious office, and you don’t even need a table to sit at to enjoy a meal. Take a seat in the curb or toss a jacket on the grass to sit on. Fighting off a few pesky bugs beats worrying about how many viruses are lurking in all areas of the breakroom.

It’s easier to stay spaced out and enjoy your break when you’re outside, and it’s much easier to social-distance than in a small break area indoors.

There Are Way Fewer Germs

Even when there isn’t a global pandemic looming over our heads, break rooms at work are gross places with lots of germs hanging about. While not all break rooms are created equal, you can tell how often yours goes through a deep clean by checking out the coffee maker and the microwave. Even if they’re being cleaned daily or weekly, right now, they’re community property that shouldn’t be used.

If you bring a well-sealed lunch that can either be eaten cold right from the break room fridge or something that can be stored at room temperature in your locker or desk, you can avoid the need for that grubby microwave. By dining outside, you can also avoid any lingering germs on the tables and chairs.

Fresh Air Is Rejuvenating

Lunchtime happens in the middle of your workday, and there’s a chance that by then you’re starting to run out of energy. Some time in the fresh air can help boost your energy and get you through the rest of your shift without wishing you had time to sneak in a nap. (And if the fresh air doesn’t help, you might want to look at these lunch options to give you more energy.)

If your meal is a quick one, take the rest of your break time to get in a short walk. A little exercise may help with that energy boost as well. You might just find being outdoors to energizing that you’ll want to sneak in more tasks away from your desk.

Pass on the stuffy break room and have lunch outside. It’s a great way to avoid germs, get some fresh air, and get back to work refreshed enough to tackle the rest of the day.

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