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3 Things You Can Do to Connect Outside of Social Media

A woman smiling while talking on the phone outside on her balcony.
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We’ve come to rely significantly upon social media for a means of connecting with the outside world. When your news feed is getting filled with drama and arguments, you may be ready for a break.

Pass on the politics and arguments about whether or not you need to wear a mask. Instead of mindlessly commenting on another post, try reaching out in one of these ways.

Chat on the Phone

Even if you don’t like to talk on the phone, you can still reach out beyond social media with a quick text message. I like to shoot a text before I call someone to make sure they’re available for a chat. A phone call and as little as a few minutes of talking could make a difference in someone’s day, and it’s an excellent way to connect with family as well.

If you want to feel more like you’re together, even if you’re miles apart, try video chat. You can video chat with people from around the world from your phone or computer. If you have an underutilized tablet lying around the house, this poses another opportunity to put it to some use.

Get Together in Person

Friends meeting up up to chat, talking six feet apart with masks on.

There are plenty of fun social things you can do outside while still practicing social distancing. You don’t have to walk alone or hang out by yourself at the park. It’s much easier to stay distanced outside, so have a bonfire or meet up with a friend at a quiet beach.

There are lots of restaurants, bars, and coffee places with socially distanced outdoor seating set up. Meet up with a local friend or relative for a beer, cup of coffee, or a small meal (if neither of you has been feeling sick of course).

Start Writing Letters

Whether you miss your family and are feeling homesick, or you want to stay connected with friends that are located all over the world without the internet as your only means of communication, you can send something snail mail. Here are a few things to send to your friends and family (even if they live nearby):

  • A store-bought card or a homemade card
  • A handwritten or typed and printed letter
  • A care package
  • A book you can both read at the same time
  • A postcard from where you live or someplace you’ve visited recently

You don’t have to rely on social media to stay connected. It may seem like the fastest way to get in touch, but there are other options that help foster a deeper connection with your friends.

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