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The Secret to a Perfect Mojito Cocktail? Liquid Nitrogen

A mixologist showing off the results of three different ways to prepare a mojito cocktail.
Cocktail Chemistry/YouTube

We’re absolutely not going to recommend you rush out to buy some liquid nitrogen on a whim to make a perfect mojito this weekend. We’re are, however, definitely going to recommend watching this video to learn how to make a great one.

In the video below, Nick Fisher, the host and mixologist behind the always enjoyable Cocktail Chemistry YouTube channel, walks us through three ways to make the classic mojito cocktail. First, you’ll learn about the quick and dirty way it’s made in bulk for thirsty tourists. Next, you’ll learn how to make a more refined version with a bit more flair and flavor. Finally, he busts out the liquid nitrogen for a wild (but delicious!) mad-scientist approach.

As much fun as it would be to make the mad-scientist version, we think we’ll stick with the “pro” version he shows off in the middle of the tutorial. When it comes to cocktail crafting risk/reward ratios, we prefer “drank too many” as the biggest risk and not “instructions unclear, hand froze to cocktail shaker.”

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