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These Are the Most Popular 2020 Foods According to DoorDash

An assortment of delivery foods laid out on a table.

While you may be resolved to eat in more during 2020, takeout is somewhat irresistible on days you just don’t feel like hitting the kitchen. DoorDash’s most popular 2020 foods will show you if your takeout orders line-up with your delivery service-using peers.

DoorDash released its Deep Dish report, a lineup of the most popular order items on the food delivery app. The data examines the first half of the year from January 1 until June 30, so if you’ve been curious about what people have been eating while social distancing, it’s a fairly accurate look. Using the data compiled from the DoorDash app as well as a survey of 2,000 people in the United States, DoorDash has created a list of the most popular foods, and it turns out people really love Mexican and sushi.

Top 10 DoorDash foods laid out in a grid

In the data, the service discovered that Mexican food topped the list of foods ordered with 40% of members opting to order the cuisine. Coming in at a close second, however, was seafood at 34% of member orders. Overall, the top 10 was a mix of Mexican cuisine, classic American options like chicken sandwiches and mac n’ cheese, with sushi rounding out the top 10.

If you want to know more about DoorDash and what takeout lovers are eating, check out all of the company’s results on its blog.

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