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Here’s How to Make a Water Balloon Piñata

Water balloons hanging from kite string, ready to be busted open by excited children.
Camila Barbeito/Popsugar

You don’t have a pool, and the temperatures are rising. Enter the DIY water balloon piñata: an easy way to get cool and have a little fun outside this summer.

Making your own piñata seems like a lot of work. You have to build it out of paper mache, buy the candy, stuff it, and paint it. Sure, you can just buy one at your local store, but with temperatures rising thanks to summer, there may be a piñata option that’s better than store-bought and can be made at home. All you need is some strong string, water balloons, a hose, and a pair of scissors.

To create the piñata, you’ll need to fill the water balloons individually, but instead of tying them off as you normally would, you’ll tie them to the string leaving a few inches between each. Without making the piñata too heavy, you can hang it anywhere and swing until it pops.

For details on how to make this water balloon piñata, head over to PopSugar.

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