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Re-Create Your Favorite Hangouts at Home

A bistro table with a bottle of wine and wine glass sitting on it, and two chairs.
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This year has made us all miss the places we used to spend our free time, doing things we love, with people we love. But, don’t despair—you can pay homage to your favorite hangout by re-creating it in your home.

The Library

Book lovers will definitely remember this as the longest they ever went without spending time in their favorite library corner.

Since there’s no way to know when you’ll be able to return to your favorite reading ritual, it’s time to re-create it at home. Find a cozy nook where you can relax with your favorite book and a warm drink.

It should be a spot where you can be at peace, with no distractions, so you can completely re-create the silence and comfort you get at your favorite library. Bonus if you have a fireplace you can use to create the most magical setting of all!

The Coffee Shop

Even though most coffee shops are open, they’re not really the way you remember them. Only a certain number of people are allowed to be there at the same time. Everyone has to wear masks and there’s a hand sanitizer at the entrance it’s recommended that you use.

And you can forget about sitting in your favorite spot. It might be the same coffee shop you used to go to, but, for now, it probably feels quite different.

Some places have completely changed their seating to meet state requirements, while others are only offering takeout or outdoor seating. It’s a difficult pill to swallow if you’re used to a 10 a.m. coffee and croissant at the table with the comfiest cushion, so you can get to typing on your laptop.

That’s why it’s so important to re-create these moments at home. Find a place to sip your black elixir where you can relax and get comfortable. Choose a good coffee brand and invest in a frother if you like foamy lattes.

The Restaurant

Re-creating a restaurant experience at home can be really fun once you start planning. Even though you can’t really nail the exact location or have a server checking your glass every five minutes, you can absolutely do everything else.

From re-creating the menu and theme, to finding similar plates and designs to help you believe you’re there, get as detailed as you can. All you need is a little bit of creativity and someone to share it with, and this will be your new favorite date night.

The Spa

A woman soaking in a bathtub, surrounded by candles and plants.
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Just because your favorite spa is closed doesn’t mean you can’t re-create it at home. All you need is a little bit of imagination, some delicious-smelling bath salts and candles, and your bathroom can become a Zen sanctuary.

Put on some relaxing music, run a bubble bath, and put on a face mask. If your partner lives with you, ask for a back rub. Now, that’s what we call bringing the spa to you.

It’s important to invoke those same feelings of self-care you get when you visit your favorite spa. It might be a while before things get back to normal, but you still need to take care of yourself.

The Movie Theater

Although replacing that enormous screen is impossible, you can get pretty close to that movie-theater feeling when you watch a blockbuster while enjoying a big bowl of popcorn.

Going to the movies is a fun way to spend time with friends and loved ones, while getting lost in an imaginary world for a while. Limit your distractions at home and silence your phone. This will prevent you from scrolling through your apps or texting—a habit many of us are guilty of while watching TV.

The Gym

If hanging out at the gym used to be your favorite thing to do, you can do your best to re-create it at home. Use any equipment you have lying around the house. Put on a motivating playlist, wear what you usually would at the gym, and get sweaty!

If you want to feel like there’s someone else with you, definitely check out our 10 favorite YouTube fitness channels.

The Bar

Missing those fun evenings out with your friends at the local bar? While it’s not entirely possible to re-create the bar experience in a socially distanced way, you can certainly capture elements of it.

Host a virtual happy hour each week, where you and your friends can try out drink trends and catch up. And by the way, if you’ve fallen behind on our booze calendar, now’s the perfect time to catch up!

Just because the places you used to frequent are closed doesn’t mean you can’t keep their spirit alive at home! Try these ideas to tide you over until you’re allowed to return to your favorite hangout.

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