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7 Simple Ways to Relax Outside

A woman laying on a bright green blanket, reading a book outside.

Warm weather always seems to slip away before we take full advantage of it. Here are seven simple ways you can get outside, enjoy some relaxing activities, and all without much effort or expense.

Go for a Walk on the Beach

That feeling of soft warm sand on your toes is enough to soothe away the stress of the day. Take a walk on the beach or pier, if you have one nearby. If you don’t like walking, take a towel with you and spend some time lounging on the beach. (Don’t forget the sunblock.)

Take Advantage of Your Backyard

Enjoy relaxation time outside in your own backyard, and save yourself the travel expenses. If you have a backyard, spend some time in it. Take the lounge chair out or get in the hammock and enjoy the fresh air. It’s a great place to listen to an interesting podcast or just take a deep breath and unwind.

Enjoy Some Bird Watching

Binoculars or not, spend some time watching the birds. If you have some bird feeders in your yard, you’re sure to draw them in close, even when you’re sitting outside. Even just sitting and listening to their songs can be soothing.

Find the Mindlessness in Pulling Weeds

If relaxation for you is having something to do, spend some time sitting outside in front of your flower beds or in your garden and pull some weeds. It’s an easy and mostly mindless task, and it gets you closer to nature in more ways than one.

To have an easier time of it and enjoy the wonderful post rainstorm smell in the air, go out and weed after a big storm. The soil will be well-hydrated and loose, which will make pulling the weeds more meditative and less frustrating.

Read on Your Porch

Whether you have a porch, patio, balcony, or other outdoor space right out your back door, get out there and do some reading. Outdoor air is so much fresher than even the best circulated indoor air. If you get tired while reading, it’s a perfect place to take a nap, too.

Take a Walk in the Woods

Head to the park or a secluded patch of woods with a walking trail. It’s great exercise, and the solitude of the woods will help you relax. If the parks and trails are too busy, consider walking at a local cemetery. That might sound like an odd solution, but they’re beautiful, isolated, and quiet.

Find a Place to Do Yoga Outdoors

You can do yoga in your own yard with your phone queued up to your favorite YouTube yoga channel—Yoga with Adrienne is a great place to start—or you can hop online and find out if a local studio is hosting some outdoor socially distanced yoga classes. Stretch away the stress.

Some time in the fresh air will help you clear your mind. Plus, there are plenty of health benefits from getting a little sun on your skin.

Yvonne Glasgow Yvonne Glasgow
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