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9 Things to Make Relaxing at the Beach More Comfortable

A woman resting against an AirStreem PIllow, a woman carrying a RIO Beach chair on her back as she walks a bicycle, and a RIO Beach MyCanopy attached to a chair.

Going to the beach is definitely fun, but it’s not always all that comfortable. All it takes, though, is packing the right accessories, and you’ll soon be lounging in luxury, enjoying the fresh air and beach vibes!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect lounge chair or shade option, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy some fun in the sun!

Weakapo Inflatable Lounger

A woman at the beach in a purple Wekapo Lounger.

If a typical beach chair just isn’t doing it for you, then try a lounger instead (or bring both, if you’re able). The Weakapo Inflatable Lounger couldn’t be easier to use. Not only is it much easier to carry on the beach when it’s deflated, but there’s no pump required! You just whisk it through the air to inflate it.

It offers a pillow-shaped headrest design so you can lay back and relax in the sun, and it comes with a carry bag, stake, and opener so that you can easily put it together. It’s comfortable, definitely unique, and will help keep the sand off you since you’re higher off the ground.

POPCHOSE Sand-Free Beach Blanket

A man and woman sitting on the POPCHOSE Sandfree Beach Blanket at the beach.

Laying or sitting on a blanket is nice, and it’s definitely easier to carry, but it’s also nearly impossible for it not to be covered in sand by the time you leave. Enter, the POPCHOSE Sand-Free Beach Blanket. It’s made of Parachute Ripstop Polyester, which means it’s durable, lightweight, and 100% breathable, but also sand- and water-resistant.

It has five integrated sand anchor pockets so that you don’t have to worry about it flying away In the wind, and there are pockets with built-in zippers to store your valuable. It’s large, so it can also keep other people away, and it’s very lightweight.

RIO BEACH Portable Folding Backpack Chair

A woman reading at the beach on the blue stripe RIO Beach chair.

A lounge chair is arguably a lot more comfortable than a regular beach chair, but they’re also typically a lot bulkier and heavier. The RIO Beach Portable Folding Backpack Chair is the exception.

This chair lightweight chair folds into a lounge seat, and then folds back into a much smaller shape so that you can conveniently wear it as a backpack for hands-free carrying.

It offers multiple reclining positions, so you can sit or lie down. It also has a large storage pocket for valuables. It’s comfortable and easy to use, so what’s not to love?

AirStreem Inflatable Pillow

Two women at the beach resting their heads on AirStreem pillows.

Lying on a blanket can be really uncomfortable without a pillow or any kind of support. This AirStreem Inflatable Pillow gives you a place to rest your head and neck, no matter where you are. It’s small enough to be portable and works as a pillow for your head, or it can also be used under your feet or chest.

It’s compact, lightweight (you blow it up to inflate it), and takes up almost no space in your beach bag. It’ll also keep you cool, as it’s made of breathable mesh material for optimal air circulation.

Beach Fence Windscreen

A man, woman, and brown Labrador dog sitting on the beach behind a blue-and-white striped Beach Fence.
Beach Fence

Nothing is worse than sitting on the beach and being absolutely slammed by gusts of wind. It blows your hair in your face and gets sand literally everywhere in the most painful way. To keep that from happening, try a Beach Fence Windscreen. It’ll block the wind and sand without blocking any sun.

These are also excellent for privacy, which is especially important right now. Use one as a barrier between you and anyone else on the beach or just to feel safer and more relaxed. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and durable.

EasyGo Cabana

Two people at the beach under two blue-and-white striped EasyGo Cabanas.

Umbrellas are one way to block the sun and get some much-needed shade on the beach, but they really only work well for one or two people. If you need a lot more shade, try the EasyGo Cabana.

It’s ideal for larger groups, or anyone who’s going to be at the beach all day and will need some occasional sun relief.

This is really light and portable, so it’s much easier to pack and carry than it might seem initially—it folds up into a light tote. It’s also really easy to set up, offers ultraviolet protection, and is waterproof, so it will hold up during any passing showers.

WolfWise Four-Person Beach Tent

A man, woman, and two children on the beach in a WolfWise Beach Tent.

For a lot more privacy, shade, and protection from the wind and sand, you can’t beat a tent, like this WolfWise four-person model. It gives you a nice little private spot even on a crowded beach, and it’s especially great for families. There’s plenty of room for little kids to nap or play.

This one is really easy to set up, but it also feels super staple. It folds down into a tote you can just throw over your shoulder for easy carrying. It has plenty of space, and there are three oversized mesh windows for lots of ventilation, so it doesn’t get too hot inside.

There are also some pockets inside for valuables and a door design that will give you even more privacy.

RIO BEACH MyCanopy Sun Shade

The RIO Beach Sun Shade attached to two different chairs.
RIO Beach

If you’d like a little extra shade but also want some sun, you’ll love the Rio Beach MyCanopy Sun Shade. You just attach it to your beach chair to protect your face and upper body from getting too much sun. You can also fold it down whenever you don’t need it, or adjust it forward and backward.

It offers the perfect amount of personal shade and is easy to set up and use.



Sure, you want to be as comfortable as possible when sitting at your chosen spot on the beach, but what about when you’re walking to and from your car? Lugging three or four bags, a cooler, and a beach chair through the hot sand on a sunny day is enough to exhaust you before your day has even begun.

That’s where the Beachmate comes in. This genius product holds basically everything you need in one bag. The tote holds a large bucket with four smaller buckets inside, and a cooler bag. The outside has two slots for large shovels and velcro rings to hold your towel.

You can put your smaller items in the buckets (or remove the buckets altogether) and some in the cooler, as well. The buckets can also be flipped upside down and used as cup holders, and the tote has plenty of pockets for more storage.

Packing everything you need in one bag will make for a much easier journey to your spot on the beach.

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