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Here’s How to Build a Dirt-Cheap Pizza Oven

A DIY brick pizza oven beside a cutting board with pizza on it.

Look, we’ll be immediately upfront with you. This isn’t a tutorial on how to build a beautiful pizza oven. This is a tutorial on how to build a fast, cheap, and powerful one with nothing but loose bricks and a little time.

If you want to build a beautiful pizza oven that will impress your neighbors and maybe survive long enough for your grandkids to make a pizza in it, check out some of the cool tutorials on YouTube. They’ll guide you through building a proper, long-lasting, tank-like pizza oven.

But if you’re thinking, I wish I could just pile up some bricks and make a pizza, you’re in luck! It’s not going to win any beauty contests and, bricks or not, it definitely won’t survive an encounter with the Big Bad Wolf. But this quick-to-assemble DIY pizza oven will get you from pile o’ bricks to pizza in no time.

While the video above does a good job of showing you how to set it up and use it, there are a few extra tips worth noting.

If possible, use actual firebricks and pavers. And, whether you’re using firebricks or not, we recommend building a small kindling fire in the pizza oven first. Then, observe it from a distance to ensure the heat of the fire pushes moisture out of the bricks, and nothing cracks from the heat.

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