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You Can Build and Play This LEGO Piano

A lego piano sits on a rotating platform

If you think LEGO blocks are for kids, think again. This LEGO piano is a decidedly adult project that requires a lot of patience (and money!) to complete.

For those looking for a way to pass the time or relax in the evenings, LEGO may have just created the answer. The brand released a 3,622-piece piano for fans to build. The idea for the musical bit of 3D puzzle was submitted to the brand by fan design Donny Chen but was ultimately designed by the company’s own designer Woon Tze Chee. However, it does feature a bit of sheet music composed by Chen.

The set features two exclusive graphic prints, a height-adjustable seat, working pedals, a music stand, and a foldable lid. It is pricy, though. The set rings in at a cool $350 on the LEGO website.

Of the piano, Chee says, “This is by far the most challenging model I’ve worked on. It’s so compact and so interconnected, and every measurement so precise that if you make one small change somewhere, it always causes a ripple effect and a chain reaction to the whole model.”

If you’re up for a challenge and happen to be a music lover, this new LEGO set is for you.

Via [Martha Stewart]

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