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Love a Good Gin and Tonic? Grow These Garnishes Right at Home

A woman serving up gin and tonics with rosemary and lime.

A good cocktail garnish goes a long way towards transforming a great cocktail into a sublime one. Gin and tonics, with their botanical foundation, really benefit from a homegrown garnish.

Over at Country Living, they have a roundup of interesting and delish garnishes you can grown in your own backyard, window box, or even inside. The selections, courtesy of award-winning gardener Matthew Wilson and Slingsby Gin, range from sweet treats like strawberry to aromatic flowers. And, of course, given the fundamentally herbal nature of gin, a few herbs too like rosemary.

And while you could just, you know, snip off some rosemary, bruise it lightly in your hands with a swift clap, and drop it in your glass, when it comes to cocktails, there’s always a way to make it over the top. Like lighting the rosemary on fire first:

For more ideas on which plants would make ideal homegrown gin and tonic garnishes, be sure to check out the full list at Country Living.

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