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15 Fun Hobbies You and Your Kids Can Do Together at Home

A little boy taking photos of dandelions.
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Diving into a hobby is a great way to keep your family occupied, entertained, and in touch with their creative sides. Here are some fun, easy, and affordable hobbies you can start exploring today.

If your kids are zoning out on too much screen time, or they’re simply bored with the same old routine, it’s time to mix it up with some new activities. Plus, having a hobby is beneficial for the brain!

We chose the hobbies below because they appeal to both kids and adults. So, go forth and explore! See where creativity takes you.


Photography is a hobby that also helps preserve family memories. Let your kids use your smartphone or consider buying them a digital camera.

They can start with this 12-week online photography class for only $19. Each week features a project, such as an A-Z photoshoot, or focusing on a particular color. What fun!

We also recommend the Kids’ Guide to Digital Photography—a comprehensive book specifically for children! Your young photographer will learn to snap, edit, and share digital images using a wide variety of techniques.

Once your child has generated a supply of awesome photos, you can turn them into gifts, such as mugs, pillowcases, or even puzzles. Of course, you can also frame and display your favorite shots on a wall or shelf.

Drawing and Painting

Most kids love coloring, doodling, smearing finger paints, and using a paintbrush. Whatever their preferences, art is an excellent way for them to express their creativity.

If you don’t already have plenty of supplies around, you can invest in this Art 101 Kit. Don’t forget to order some sturdy drawing paper and blank canvases, too.

Then, look at creative ways you can display your kid’s artwork, such as using clipboards, so you can change out their creations each day.

If your kids are really talented, consider selling their masterpieces to family and friends, or even setting up a family Etsy shop.


Who knew small pieces of wool felt could create such adorableness?

From small people to animals, and everything in between, felting is an easy and affordable craft project you can do with your kids.

Grab yourself a felting kit, and then watch the tutorial above to get some ideas.


What better way to preserve your family’s most heartwarming memories than by making a scrapbook? This affordable kit will help you get started.

You can get your child involved by asking her to write descriptions, doodle pictures, or add some fun stickers. If you’ve also been exploring photography, you can print photos at home on some sturdy photo paper.


Looking for a simple, easy, no-mess craft solution to keep your kids occupied for hours on end? Origami is the answer!

All you need is some origami paper and some video tutorials—the one above shows you how to make an adorable dog. Talk about easy peasy!

Knitting or Crocheting

Making a blanket, hat, or scarf from scratch is a nice, relaxing way to pass some time. If you’re new to knitting, here’s how you can get started.

We also suggest getting an easy how-to knit book that’s specifically for children. If your kids are Harry Potter fans, they’ll love this pattern book.

As long as you keep a steady supply of yarn and needles on hand, there’s no limit to what your family can make—hats, scarves, leg warmers, blankets, and more.

These easy knitting patterns for kids might provide even more inspiration!

Sewing or Quilting

Basic hand-sewing techniques will always come in handy. Once your child gains some confidence with the beginner’s skills, you can move on to teaching him or her how to use a sewing machine.

Check out these 25 free sewing projects for kids. They’ll learn how to make everything from a cool drawstring backpack and superhero cape, to a skirt. Fun and practical!

If your child is more interested in quilting, here are some beginner projects he or she can try.

And let’s not forget (as if we could) that we’re living in a pandemic right now. Put those nimble little fingers to use whipping up some homemade face masks!


Stretching and moving is a great way to remain centered, which is especially helpful during a stressful pandemic!

Start by exposing your kids to a teacher who’s fun and imaginative, like the Cosmic Kids in the video above. Once your child starts getting more serious, you can look into more advanced videos to try together.

We also love the Yoga for Kids app.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Learning how to play an instrument is a wonderful skill to develop. Your child will need some guidance to get started, as well as regular encouragement to stay on track. But once he’s on the way, you can sit back and enjoy the (hopefully) delightful sounds.

You can check out these free online music lessons—they offer lots of tutorials on piano and guitar. Or, you can reach out to a local teacher and see if they’re offering virtual lessons.

It’s never too late to start that family rock band!


All the kids should be pitching in on the kitchen chores. When it comes to cooking, though, you can start by having them wash veggies, mix sauces, or pour ingredients into a bowl. There are also tons of fun videos like the one above that will inspire them.

As your little chef gains more confidence in the kitchen, you’ll be able to attempt more complicated dishes. They can also try out some recipes in The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for a fun twist on popular soups, pastries, and pies. Yum!

Definitely encourage your teen to attempt cooking a full meal. This will not only help him or her develop some important life skills, but it’ll also give you a much-needed break!


There are plenty of easy woodworking projects you can tackle with your kids, like making a birdhouse, a planter, or a play tent.

Just make sure you start by teaching them how to use a hammer and nails, as shown in the video above. Then, of course, always be sure to supervise their projects, regardless of how confident they might seem.

Jewelry Making

Making shiny, unique jewelry designs is a ton of fun! And who knows? If your child has a real knack for it, she can potentially sell it online to family and friends!

For younger kids, you can start with this vibrant ABC bead kit.

If your child shows a real passion for this hobby, consider investing in a proper jewelry kit with tools, wire, earring hooks, and the works. If you pair it with these crystal glass beads, your kid will be all set to make some professional-looking designs.


Who doesn’t love developing a practical skill? This is a great family project to dive into—especially right now, because it will help everyone keep their hands sparkling clean!

You can get started with this easy soap kit or watch the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Soapmaking.

Magic Tricks

If your kids are feeling extra bored these days, consider training them up to be stunning magicians! This is a great hobby for kids of all ages, and adults, as well!

This beginner’s kit will get everyone started. Then, you can all check out this awesome online hub for budding magicians.

Once your family is all set with mind-boggling feats of magic, consider staging a show (virtually, for now).


It’s totally free to start this hobby—all you just need is the night sky! This quick and easy guide will help everyone understand the constellations.

To take it a step further, get your child a telescope and 50 Things to See with a Telescope. You can even pair this hobby with some backyard camping for a fun, end-of-summer adventure!

All of these hobbies are fantastic to participate in as a family, while still offering your child opportunities to branch off into more individual pursuits. They’re also wonderful, calming activities to explore during your family’s quiet time.

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