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Need More Sports Action in Your Life? Watch Diecast Car Racing

A closeup shot of diecast metal cars at the start of a miniature race.

Live sports in 2020 are a mix of cancellations, empty stadiums, and just a weird vibe, in general. If you want to check out of that Twilight Zone-esque experience and into a fun alternative, diecast racing is for you.

Just like our previous alternative sports suggestion, diecast racing is a clever approximation of a real sports experience in miniature.

While there are a variety of YouTube channels devoted to it, the races by 3DBotMaker are by far the most polished. Just like Jelle’s Marble Runs, the 3DBotMaker races feature all the components you’d expect at a sporting event, but shrunk down.

The individual cars have stats and running scores. They climb tournament ladders (and washout) just like real racers. Each is even identified with a driver’s name and, of course, the entire experience is narrated by highly-engaged commentators.

While the team behind these diecast races has been at it for several years, the videos become increasingly polished as time goes on.

If you’re looking to jump into the experience, we recommend the video above. This Camaro race was first of one of the channel’s Summer 2020 projects.

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