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Halloween Candy Is Coming Early This Year

Halloween candy.

Those who love spooky season are in luck this year. Along with holiday-themed merchandise in general, Halloween candy is coming early,

Global chief sales officer for Hershey Phil Stanley told CNN Business that the candy company will be setting up its autumnal displays early this year. Some stores, like Safeway, have already started pulling out their autumnal displays. If you’re a shopper at Walmart or Kroger, you’ll start seeing the candy-coated aisles in late summer. Regardless, though, these launches are running roughly two to four weeks ahead of schedule according to Stanley.

The reason? Well, it’s the reason for most things these days: COVID-19. Thrillist spoke with National Confectioners Association Christopher Gindlesperger who asserted that the holiday-themed sweets are relatively impervious to negative impacts from the pandemic. As such, brands are launching them sooner and potentially hope to make a larger profit.

While the arrival of Reese’s famed pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cups may feel a bit early, perhaps they can bring a bit of joy in what seems to be the longest year ever. And hey, if you buy too much too early, then you can always donate your impulse candy purchases.



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