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How to Prevent Freezer Burn According to Ben & Jerry’s

One hand holding a Ben & Jerry's pint of ice cream, and another holding an ice-cream cone in a Ben & Jerry's wrapper.
Ben & Jerry’s

If you’ve ever been craving ice cream only to discover your unsealed container is now coated in ice, don’t fret! These six freezer burn hacks from Ben & Jerry’s will ensure your Cherry Garcia never goes bad again.

In March 2020, Ben & Jerry’s shared this roundup of tips to prevent and deal with freezer burn. The tips kind of got lost in the shuffle, though, thanks to COVID-19 chaos. Thankfully, over at Delish, someone noticed and gave them the attention they deserve.

According to the brand, the easiest way to prevent freezer burn is to store your container of ice cream upside down. The melted ice will then drip onto the lid instead of refreezing over the still-frozen section, thereby eliminating the risk of freezer burn. Yes, this can get messy, but if the container has a sealable lid, it should be fine.

Be sure to check out the other tips. We think everyone will agree number six is the best!

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